Sunday, November 25, 2007


Due to some redecorating the Atkin's bead journal project has been on hold and will be caught up before the middle of December..........I have the August, September and October in progress, and know exactly what I want to do with November and December and will make an honest effort to keep this committment. I thoroughly enjoy artistic beading and want to get back into this art form soon.

For our local hospital

These are hand knit charity blankets and caps for preemies that will be going to the local regional hospital. Dh particularly loves the neon green glow in the dark one.......I love the pink set.........and there is also neon pink, a little red, hat, a pumpkin hat and a gorgeous eyelet with ribbons blanket. Makes me feel warm all over...........The power of giving.

Patterns for the blankets will be posted soon.

Memory Block for a Quilt

I have delved deeply into this block as it will be going to an auction in memory of a very special friend who was and still is through the spirit of her beautiful dil a member of " Chatty's Angels ". Her love of life and sewing have brought great joy to all of us over the years and will never be forgotten. Our special Angel Rita will put this one together and the beauty of an angel will live forever in stitches and be auctioned off at Omaha next year.
I am working with a lot of different techniques, adding and removing as I go with this block. I am trying to use a vast variety of threads as well as incorporating my love of beads, and sequins into the work. Barbee actually made the angel that is in the lower right hand corner and I will add a cross to her hand. There is so much more to be added to this block but I promised to share my progress so far.

Prayer Block

A prayer block for a special friend that I met on a silkribbon list some years ago who has not had the best year yet. I totally enjoyed working this block from adding the rusched ribbons around the prayer given to me by my special friend Carolyn, to the fimo face that represents an angel with one wing.........when one person need a little lift, you loan them one of yours, just until they can fly on their own. Thanks for the challenge Vicki.