Monday, July 30, 2007

This is a section between blocks where a rosette and pearl cluster were added to seperate theblocks.

This is another corner that is following the above design and falling gently into the sashing.

The rich colours in the sre on the block to the right is a pillow gone bad, proving it does pay to save all remants and scraps as they can working into anothe project very easily., not wasting precious silkribbon.

This is simple embellishment on one other of the blocks. I knew my friend was very religious and she had just finished a tea cozy so therefore parted with the precious tea pot in this block. Always there will be an angel hidden somewhere in the block.

Another vision of the blocks being seperated by antique looking roses with rose leaves all done in antique white satin and edged with beads and pearls.

This is the top left hand side of the quilt with some fancy ribbon rusching and pearl work. I also created the first block. The beautiful rusched fan in the block was a piece of rusched fabric sent by a friend ( Barbee ) to be used with a block and now I would love to use this type of rusching to add dimension at any time. I the key with the symbols above symbolize key to our heart and love.

Attached is a finished prayer quilt that was completed for a cyber sister. These prayer quilts are a pleasure to make as you think of the person the whole time you are doing a block. I had the pleasure of putting more than one of these together and will start and share some so that perhaps it might encourage you to do one of your own or to just do a small quilt.

This is the prayer pocket on the back of the quilt. It is a spare block that I made and attached with some fancy ribbons and it is open at the top. It is bound by the same fabrics that were used in the original quilt sashing and lined with peach/pink linen.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Finished Linen Purse

A while ago I shared a picture of the actual work on the purse and found in my files the finished purse. On the reverse it has a pocket that is opened and is lined with linen and worked in linen and eyelet linen. This was also given to a friend. She was kind enough to send me the book for my birthday and a request for a purse, so I adapted this from emrboidery to embroidery and silkribbon and love the adventure it created.

Destiny the Angel Bear

This special little bear called " Destiny " was designed while watching my daughter recuperate from an automobile accident.

She is made of fine red velvet and is heavily embroidered with silkribbon . She has an angel in her palm and beads embedded in the tummy and wear a proud bow tie and has wings of gold attached.

This little bear is jointed and was truly a pleasure to work. It is an original pattern designed for my daughter Sher.

Tummp and paw pads with bow tie.

Back View

Side view

Bedside ring Holder - Victorian

This is my version of a victorian ring holder. These were originally hung on the post of the bed or near the dresser and would hold rings.
It has a deep pocket and is all handbeaded and embroidered. I was inspired by a pattern and used my own adaption from a Cross Stitch and Embroidery magazine. I have also given this to a friend.

Chatelaine Challenge

This is a ribbon chatelaine that was part of a challenge on the silkribbon list some years ago. This one was sent to a special friend as a gift.

The larger portion on the bottom holds the scissors, the needle case and a thimble holder as well. The flowers are three dimensional ribbon work., and it would hang around your neck while you stitched. This is also an original.

Old fashioned boot Potpouri Sachet Large

This vintage boot is a personal design and is supposed to be filled with potpourri and batting. I have left it flat for photographic purposes. I love the style of the old fashioned boots and chose to put an oversized tassell on the back. I layered the lace so that it mimicked the design of the older footwear and worked my own version of silkribbon embroidery on both the lace and velvet portions. This is an original

Thursday, July 05, 2007

- This beautiful fan shaped pillow with vintage buttons, charms, beads, sequins, paillettes and ribbons was from a kit from Victoria Adams Brown of Ribbon Smyth. I added a dark black jacquard background and learned so many new techniques in working on this pillow. It is my prized possession. I kept this one.

This simple little needlecase was made for a friend. It is all lined and has needle pages on the inside. The lace on the side is tea dyed and has been ehanced with large gold rocailles and the initial is done with silkribbon work. It is finished with black velvet backing and fully lined. I truly enjoy making these little jewels. It was given as a friendship gift.

This is the beginnings of a purse that I made for my stitching sister and turned into a purse. I adapted a pattern from a book she had given to me as a gift and rather than use just threads used my version of overdyed silkribbons and brought the flowers to life. I know she truly enjoys this as she told me she was the talk of the Sunday morning church service.

Far to precious to put a pin into is this beautiful design from Victoria Adams Brown and I loved it so much that I had enough fine fabrics left over to make a second one for a stitching sister and she loves hers just as much. No affilliation, but there is always more than enough in Victoria's kits to make and continue to make something more special.

This is the back of the same needlecase. This, along with the fan pillow from above sit on my special padded table in the hallway for admiration only.

Linda takes the time to full fill her emrboidery dreams

Knowing that unless I blog each step of the way that the projects that are in my mind will never make it to paper. Some will be left in draft form, others will be shared on line and I invite you to join me in my venture to do the following. It is time to start some stitching.


Box (1) - This can be a simple bankers storage box as it allows everything to be placed in order and left there as well as notes diagrams etc.

File Folders - Several - These will be used to keep notes, pictures, ideas, themes etc. of the project as I work along.

Baggies - Large to Small - I want 12 of each. All blocks will have a touch of something from each other block in this as well.

Threads:- These will be wound off onto wood spools so that they do not get creases in them from being around thread winders.

Ribbons :- Assorted from silks, satins, specialty and velvets.- These will be wound around the core from a tin foil or waxed paper tube. Before I will cover with acid free tissues.

Laces:- Both plain and fancy

Silk prints - Be they personal of ones that are copyright free or purchased.

Needlebook for each box. Can be as simple as a pot holder with pins ready to stitch.

Large baggie with one block in it ready to stitch and run for those last minute stitching times.

I will start my first box today and share what goes into this box by the first of the week. I have not decided which of my many projects I will start first, but silkribbon is coming to mind again and I have always wanted a Baltimore Albumn Quilt to hang on my living room wall.

Let me think red, green, yellow, blues, etc..........encased in vintage style frames or left plain. Plain or moire, silk dupioni or satin, whole quilt or pieced...........Designs to be started and fabrics set aside.

My goal this week is to set up the box with

Picture of what I think the quilt will look like.

Folders, baggies etc...........these will not be full.

Ribbons and ideas.

Quilting design for borders and around blocks will justify what patterns will be used.

Miniature quilts do not have to be real small, they can be of a size large enough to work on and hang on a nice quilt rack and have a lot of meaning. They will be admire for years to come.

I will share some of my reference books as I go along and my own personal finished blocks in small detail.

Have a creative day. I plan to.

Projects that Lin

Every now and then we take a look around at where we are as well as what stage we are in with our lives, families, responsibilities and desires. Normally this takes place during a traumatic or overwhelmed time in our lives and we realize that there are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month, etc. to accomplish all that we have set out to do in our personal and creative lives.

Looking at the abundance of ufinished objects in both my personal and creative life I have decided to journal where I am and where I would like to be within the next few years. Scholars and the likes have always stressed a five year plan and most of us go through life winging it.

After watching a very impressionable movie last night "World Trade Centre "; I could not help but be overwhelmed by the love that was shared in the last part of the movie. I cannot speak for the first three quarters as I have not had the pleasure of watching it through as yet, but you can rest assured I will. If this movie does not make us stop and think about life and what it has to offer as well as what we have offered it, then we have all missed the boat and all of the people who lost their lives needlessly in the event as well as around the world in both our country and other countries will have been in vain.

In our home, it is a personal decision and always has been to have an open door policy. Never close a door that you cannot open. Our door swings both ways, good news and bad news, we are here. It has worked well for us for over 37 years and will continue to be a major part of our own personal lives.

Having said that and now wanting to get to the crust of where I am headed I have always wanted to have a few attainable but on the back burner projects done and I am going to start a few of them right away. I am making a plan to do these in project form and in rotation so that one does not get bored with them all at once, and I am journalling my voyage to document my life in stitches.