Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Machine knit scarf doubled. It was hand joined at the side seams and fringe added. Some had matching headbands as well. These were very popular gifts for adults.

Handknit boa scarf following the pattern on the label. This also was done as a gift. As you can tell most of my handmades leave home without me.

An original cowl collar knit on the ISM knitting machine and laddered down every two stitches. It was then gathered at each end, decreased down and either a bow or an i-cord added.

This shows the reverse side of the above selection. I did a series of about eight of these as gifts for Christmas. It can be worn as is, or reversed.

Same ppater by a bit fancier. Edges are joined before binding off, and a ribbon is attached to give it glamour as an accent scarf.

Handknit and felted purse. This was done as a gift and it was very easy to do. I used some fantasy yarns for features and used an i-cord strap.

Day three and I have finished one side of the butterfly that I have been workingon. I must admit that I have fallen in love with this french beading technique and it is so well explained. I have about two more days work on this one and can hardly wait to start a new project by another designer to see what I can learn. I wish there were more books out there. So far, I have just tried this pattern by Ruth Wilson in an older Country Crafts magazine.

Monday, February 26, 2007

French hand beading is something I have wanted to try for a long long time and finally got the courage to start over the weekend. I must admit that it took a few times to get the stitches to lie down at an angle. I chose to mark the fabric with thread. Will not do this again as it is so hard to remove after without distorting the fabrics, but will mark lightly with an hb pencil. This is a design by Ruth Wilson published in an older issue of Country Craft. Her clear and precise descriptions made this a pleasure to work on. This is as far as I have gotten in two days and have it set up on the lap frame. I will keep posted as this seems to be my calling, this week anyway.

Pictured here is a doll that I designed a full length christening gown for as well as my sre bride. In the background is another five hour baby set waiting for a blanket to match. In the foreground is a second baby blanket waiting for a five hour baby sweater or similar to match this.

Handknit five hour baby sweater with adaptions on a newborn doll that belonged to my daughter. The blanket is knit with double worsted weight yarn using a face cloth style pattern and knit from edge to edge, it was fun to knit and is one of my most favourite sweater sets to do.

Beadkniiting is one of my favourite ways to pass an afternoon. I even enjoy threading the beads onto the size 8 perle cotton and then counting them off as I knit. I just have a problem with putting the necklace on and finishing them up. These were knit last year and are now finished as of this weekend. I took the time thanks to a challenge to finish them and now I can proudly display them. This one is hunter green dark, with dark multi-colouted beads and a self bead strap with trim.

Knitting with verigated perle cotton was something that I wanted to try after seeing a beautiful scallop purse knit by my friend Janet and she did it in verigated. I did knit the purse, but gave it away before pictures were taken. I think this is suttle shading. It is done with verigated perle and glass seed beads, necklace same bads as fringe.

I used a powder blue perle cotton and glass seed beads on this little purse with a flap. It was very simple to do, but I did miss the jabot swag, and may even add a self tassel fringe to the bottom centre when I have looked at it again.

These are all lined up on a white background with the purse that started it all. The little black swag purse. I have knit and given a lot of these little purses away. I think I will keep these ones for now. I can almost picture a frame with them hanging in it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Whitework medallion finally finished. I started with thread from a selective pack of dfn perle thread and ended up purchasing pack after pack as they do not offer their threads for sale singly, but I am glad I made the extra effort. This measures about eighteen inches square and I have also added metallic dmc thread as well as mill hill antique white beads. I enjoyed working this pattern, it is my own adaption of a heart that I saw on line.

Beaded cabs are nearing completion, one never knows when to stop or add more or just keep on swinging in with the fringer. I am pleased as these are my first attempts at this beautiful artform that can be used as jewellry or embossed on a block or just framed.
I must admit the paisley piece took more time than I had realized and alot more beads, they are all hand stitched down and double stitched and tacked. I learned a lot from the Ann Benson books and this is a rendition of one of her patterns.

Friday, February 02, 2007

WTWW Block 2 is now complete and ready to be mailed out to Vicki. I am pleased as it has a completely different look and made me feel good while stitching this. I thought of all the special people who have touched my life and it is amazing how warm it makes you feel inside.
I must also admit that I am behind in my whitework block. It is about seventeen inches square and needs the bullion roses made and the monogram in the centre before I add the sashing and decide what to turn it into. I am pleased with the results and must admit that I truly love working on a pattern before I actually do a design in the quilt stage.
I have two christening gowns nearing completion now and a beaded cab that is calling to me to be finished as well as a paisley pin for a swap, so I guess we know what I will be doing this weekend.