Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Mini wall block.

This one has some tatting and speciality stitches as well as the initial.

This one has butterflies in organza, different stitches and all have the cherubs

This one has a new technique for initials as well as for working the butterflies in flight.

This shows the actual size of around eight inches and how puffy they truly are.

This is a little prayer pouch that I have made and set aside for now.  It was actually created some time ago, and just found it for the camera.

This is a second prayer pouch and it shows both the front and the back and the individualism of each one, no two are the same.

This is an 8 x about 14 inch block that I have finished stitching and want to get a frill added to and a pillow and back done before Christmas.  I am trying to work in tone on tone with a touch of pink.  I did not want to add any crazy quilting stitches at this time.  Love the antiqued lace, rusched ribbons and the double satin bows.

Sharing Time

This is a simple memory wall hanger that I have made for each of my sister's for Christmas.  The lovely lady in the picture is our ' mom '.  She was a beautiful lady and so missed.  The girls have complimented me on my framed memory piece on my wall so I thought I would surprise them with one of their own this year.

They all use the same roses and leaves, but all others techniques are different, they all have adaptions and the tassel at the bottom is a large double looped bow with a puffy goldtoned heart hanging from it..... the hanger at the top is made of satin ribbon.  Each one has their own initials embroidered onto them and done in colours I hope they will treasure.