Sunday, November 25, 2007


Due to some redecorating the Atkin's bead journal project has been on hold and will be caught up before the middle of December..........I have the August, September and October in progress, and know exactly what I want to do with November and December and will make an honest effort to keep this committment. I thoroughly enjoy artistic beading and want to get back into this art form soon.

For our local hospital

These are hand knit charity blankets and caps for preemies that will be going to the local regional hospital. Dh particularly loves the neon green glow in the dark one.......I love the pink set.........and there is also neon pink, a little red, hat, a pumpkin hat and a gorgeous eyelet with ribbons blanket. Makes me feel warm all over...........The power of giving.

Patterns for the blankets will be posted soon.

Memory Block for a Quilt

I have delved deeply into this block as it will be going to an auction in memory of a very special friend who was and still is through the spirit of her beautiful dil a member of " Chatty's Angels ". Her love of life and sewing have brought great joy to all of us over the years and will never be forgotten. Our special Angel Rita will put this one together and the beauty of an angel will live forever in stitches and be auctioned off at Omaha next year.
I am working with a lot of different techniques, adding and removing as I go with this block. I am trying to use a vast variety of threads as well as incorporating my love of beads, and sequins into the work. Barbee actually made the angel that is in the lower right hand corner and I will add a cross to her hand. There is so much more to be added to this block but I promised to share my progress so far.

Prayer Block

A prayer block for a special friend that I met on a silkribbon list some years ago who has not had the best year yet. I totally enjoyed working this block from adding the rusched ribbons around the prayer given to me by my special friend Carolyn, to the fimo face that represents an angel with one wing.........when one person need a little lift, you loan them one of yours, just until they can fly on their own. Thanks for the challenge Vicki.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New doll on the horizon

Today I was determined to learn to do peyote stitch around those precious little fimo heads in size 11 beads rather than the monster ones that I was using. I also decided that these ladies needed a change in body and shape and more detail to them so I spent the afternoon beading my first small bead fimo face and she is a keeper. She has a gentile look and will have to have a silk shantung body to meet it and not sure if she will be beaded, embroidered or silk ribboned to pieces, but can hardly wait to work on this one hopefully tomorrow.

I must admit that I get such a feeling of love in my heart as I work on these little dolls of dreams and cannot imagine how it must feel to know that this little character will soon change the frown to a smile on the face of someone not as lucky as I am to be on the creative side of the fence.

Always remember an angel never flies you must make her one...........

Pics to follow............

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comfort Doll

Having finished my work early yesterday I decided to try a pattern that I had sketched out the day before. It was a simple doll with arms and an elongated heart shaped body. I had seen a video on line for working with dolls and must admit it is a real life saver. I wish I would have bookmarked the site as the lady shared her instructions freely. I had a gorgeous piece of fabric that I had done an overlay of antique lace on to make into a prayer pouch. Well, needless to say there was enough to make two pouches so I got brave and decided to start the doll instead. I cut one the size that I would need and the other one larger. I put a seam into the back and left an opening for turning. I then placed the fabric right sides together and centred the doll over the seam and traced around. I then stitched and started to turn......oh my, I envy people who like working with small turns and little hands but must admit that it worked.

I am not the greatest at peyote stitch with beads. I would rather embroider with them anytime, but I did peyote around a fimo face that was coloured with nail polish and added some swags of beads for hair.

I then took a disappearing marker and put some long swirls around the doll and onto the arms and then started the procedure of hand beading two beads at a time the swirls in a cluster. I was impressed as to how fast this went using the long skinny beading needles rather than the shorter ones, bear in mind the doll is stuffed and closed so we are beading on a firm surface and that means long needles.

When I finished beading the swirls I then went and added a little pink vintage flower that I had and hid a dangling bead cut from one of the trims by the yard. I cut close to the ribbon and used that to anchor it down. I was pleased with my first comfort doll and will post pictures later today before I mail them off to Pat.

I also have another half dozen comfort kitties ready to stuff, embroider and brush tails for and they will go in the mail next week. I just love the feeling of passing on and on and one.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comfort Kitties

This afternoon the sun was shining and it was a most beautiful day. A perfect day to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am, and most of us are not to be burden with the fear of anger, abuse and lack of love. Be it the love of a child, a mate, a parent or a friend everyone needs someone to be a part of their lives.

I decided that rather than going outside to enjoy the weather that I would finish two more comfort kitties and get them in the mail to Pat Winters. She is one motivatinal lady, she has brought forth an inner peace in me that I just want to wrap my arms around the whole world and make them feel just as safe as I do, but seeing as I can't, I finished two more little kitties. I will take some pics of them in a bit and put them on the site with hope that it will encourage you to do something to make a difference in someone else's life, the way that Pat has made a difference in not only our lives, but in the lives of those who have no one to hug, no one to hold, and no one to tell their worst fears to, except these little comfort dolls of love. They do keep secrets and right now they are probably the one person these people trust. If you have love in your heart " Pay It Forward ", make a doll to comfot someone who does not have that love and before you send one out say a little prayer that maybe someday they will be on this end of line making comfort dolls for some one else, knowing what it must mean to them. We are blessed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Comfort Dolls/ Kitties

After spending more time than usual trying to think of the perfect, but simple little doll that I could make to send to Pat Winters of " Gatherings " " Comfort Doll Project ", I found that I was being called to finish these two little kitties and send them along.

As a kitten has nine lives so must those who have to deal with abuse in order to live their daily lives. I am truly blessed that I have never had this fear, but my thoughts, and my prayers go to those who do. If these little dolls give one moment of love and peace to a battered or abused person they have accomplished their mission. I will now make angels and kitties for our local abuse shelter and make sure that I make a difference in someone else's life the way that Pat Winters has made in mine in just making these two simple little kitties.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Inspirations

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year and it reminds me of the beauty of summer left behind. It also lends me to want to re-organize my priorities and sewing room at the same time, and as there are some minor painting of rooms to be done, a complete move was necessary.

Yesterday I spent the day organizing some of my precious whites and fancies and lace so that I can tackle a few more "overdue in my eyes " prayer pouches for special people in my life that are having problems. It is amazing what we find when we start cleaning and re-organizing, and what really becomes part of your future or a figment of your past. I toss lovingly to those who need to be kept busy and feel no guilt as I know they will be used.

I hope to be back on line with new finishes within a week and will share all with you as well as directions. I will share my way of designing what I call a " Prayer Pouch ", a special little fancy pouch that is made and can hold prayers. When I send mine out, they have a prayer, a motivational message, a specialty tea, and sometimes a little special charm or item that I know will make the persons day. Some are already shown on my site and have taken wing and arrived around the continent.

Hugs and pleasant fall changes to all

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is my July project, which I am proud to say is an original, and it is shown in sketch form further along in the blog.
I wanted this to represent the beautiful lilies that grow down the outside ramp that leads from our patio deck. All that was left to do were the few leaves at the bottom to be filled in. This is stitched within the constraints of a cd rom pattern. It also has the bottom left so that this portion can have an adorment of a tassell, beaded, or charm at some time.
I just started to work on August's " A Daisy A Day " yesterday and will keep posting as time permits.

June Project

This is a Ruth Wilson design that was destined for a bookcover, but as I have learned so many new techniques and added a few of my own along the way have decided to include this as my first piece of work in the Challenge. All I had to do was the leaves yesterday and now it is done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crochet from Past Challenges

This little Irish doll was crocheted and given to a young lady who is dealing with cancer treatment and was a true labour of love. It was my first Annie's Attic Bed Doll. More pictures below.

After many years of not crocheting I chose to tackle this doily designed on line as a mystery and a challenge and it opened a new world of crochet for me. This one is in the home of my mother-in-law in Cape Breton.

This was the second doily that was started as a mystery and
completed and taken to my daughter's home in New Brunswick.

These are more photos of the doll as well as a small pineapple sachet, that I did keep for myself.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

- Tulips Too Late

As you can tell this is a new adventure for me both in sketching and in creating with beads and fabrics.\\This will be the September challenge and will work on this as I go along and have to yet select the silk fabric, back it, and pick out some unusual beads and techniques to embellish with.

A Daisy A Day

I have sketched out the August flower of the month, being a daisy in memory of my mom, and one of her favourite songs " A Daisy A Day .' I am not sure if there will be little faces in them or rose centres and or what, but will work it as I go along. These are all sized as in the last two, same as a cd circle. Not sure what I am going to do with these when they are done, but that will come before I cut them out.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunbonnet Sue joins the Red Hat Society

First of all I had some of these little seven inch blocks ironed and ready to stitch on a recent week visit and did not get a thing done on them because of the heat.

I started one on the weekend and used dmc 75 verigated reds and not sure of the number off hand of the deep purple but it is equivalent to a dmc 550 in verigated's.

When I finished I went in with a good name brand coloured pencil and shaed close to the stitching lines on both sides. I also did a swirling circular motion on the arms and added some fleshtone, I left the rest as is. I then, without heat setting, went to the sink and scrubbed roughly with hand soap and then rinsed in warm water. I ironed this dry, and then added some spray starch. Very little colour was lost.

This is stitched on tone on tone beige and if I were to use this technique again would preset the colours to be sure as this was an experiment. It can always be added to with colour as you are only shading next to the lines, similar to crayon tinting without the wax. It does look like an antique block and it highlighted well.

Off to find some more ufo's.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Organize or Agonize

These are little angels that I make and place on my windowsill until I see someone who needs one for a special reason.

This one went home along with a hand crocheted afghan to a great lady who is fighting another battle with cancer, her disease is out of remission and I know this little angel will watch over her and take care of her while she is going through new rounds of chemo.

This little angel went to a special little sister on her birthday. She treasures anything that I make for her and she will treasure this as well I am sure.

I can hardly wait to start making more of them.

Monday, July 30, 2007

This is a section between blocks where a rosette and pearl cluster were added to seperate theblocks.

This is another corner that is following the above design and falling gently into the sashing.

The rich colours in the sre on the block to the right is a pillow gone bad, proving it does pay to save all remants and scraps as they can working into anothe project very easily., not wasting precious silkribbon.

This is simple embellishment on one other of the blocks. I knew my friend was very religious and she had just finished a tea cozy so therefore parted with the precious tea pot in this block. Always there will be an angel hidden somewhere in the block.

Another vision of the blocks being seperated by antique looking roses with rose leaves all done in antique white satin and edged with beads and pearls.

This is the top left hand side of the quilt with some fancy ribbon rusching and pearl work. I also created the first block. The beautiful rusched fan in the block was a piece of rusched fabric sent by a friend ( Barbee ) to be used with a block and now I would love to use this type of rusching to add dimension at any time. I the key with the symbols above symbolize key to our heart and love.

Attached is a finished prayer quilt that was completed for a cyber sister. These prayer quilts are a pleasure to make as you think of the person the whole time you are doing a block. I had the pleasure of putting more than one of these together and will start and share some so that perhaps it might encourage you to do one of your own or to just do a small quilt.

This is the prayer pocket on the back of the quilt. It is a spare block that I made and attached with some fancy ribbons and it is open at the top. It is bound by the same fabrics that were used in the original quilt sashing and lined with peach/pink linen.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Finished Linen Purse

A while ago I shared a picture of the actual work on the purse and found in my files the finished purse. On the reverse it has a pocket that is opened and is lined with linen and worked in linen and eyelet linen. This was also given to a friend. She was kind enough to send me the book for my birthday and a request for a purse, so I adapted this from emrboidery to embroidery and silkribbon and love the adventure it created.

Destiny the Angel Bear

This special little bear called " Destiny " was designed while watching my daughter recuperate from an automobile accident.

She is made of fine red velvet and is heavily embroidered with silkribbon . She has an angel in her palm and beads embedded in the tummy and wear a proud bow tie and has wings of gold attached.

This little bear is jointed and was truly a pleasure to work. It is an original pattern designed for my daughter Sher.

Tummp and paw pads with bow tie.

Back View

Side view

Bedside ring Holder - Victorian

This is my version of a victorian ring holder. These were originally hung on the post of the bed or near the dresser and would hold rings.
It has a deep pocket and is all handbeaded and embroidered. I was inspired by a pattern and used my own adaption from a Cross Stitch and Embroidery magazine. I have also given this to a friend.

Chatelaine Challenge

This is a ribbon chatelaine that was part of a challenge on the silkribbon list some years ago. This one was sent to a special friend as a gift.

The larger portion on the bottom holds the scissors, the needle case and a thimble holder as well. The flowers are three dimensional ribbon work., and it would hang around your neck while you stitched. This is also an original.

Old fashioned boot Potpouri Sachet Large

This vintage boot is a personal design and is supposed to be filled with potpourri and batting. I have left it flat for photographic purposes. I love the style of the old fashioned boots and chose to put an oversized tassell on the back. I layered the lace so that it mimicked the design of the older footwear and worked my own version of silkribbon embroidery on both the lace and velvet portions. This is an original

Thursday, July 05, 2007

- This beautiful fan shaped pillow with vintage buttons, charms, beads, sequins, paillettes and ribbons was from a kit from Victoria Adams Brown of Ribbon Smyth. I added a dark black jacquard background and learned so many new techniques in working on this pillow. It is my prized possession. I kept this one.

This simple little needlecase was made for a friend. It is all lined and has needle pages on the inside. The lace on the side is tea dyed and has been ehanced with large gold rocailles and the initial is done with silkribbon work. It is finished with black velvet backing and fully lined. I truly enjoy making these little jewels. It was given as a friendship gift.

This is the beginnings of a purse that I made for my stitching sister and turned into a purse. I adapted a pattern from a book she had given to me as a gift and rather than use just threads used my version of overdyed silkribbons and brought the flowers to life. I know she truly enjoys this as she told me she was the talk of the Sunday morning church service.

Far to precious to put a pin into is this beautiful design from Victoria Adams Brown and I loved it so much that I had enough fine fabrics left over to make a second one for a stitching sister and she loves hers just as much. No affilliation, but there is always more than enough in Victoria's kits to make and continue to make something more special.

This is the back of the same needlecase. This, along with the fan pillow from above sit on my special padded table in the hallway for admiration only.

Linda takes the time to full fill her emrboidery dreams

Knowing that unless I blog each step of the way that the projects that are in my mind will never make it to paper. Some will be left in draft form, others will be shared on line and I invite you to join me in my venture to do the following. It is time to start some stitching.


Box (1) - This can be a simple bankers storage box as it allows everything to be placed in order and left there as well as notes diagrams etc.

File Folders - Several - These will be used to keep notes, pictures, ideas, themes etc. of the project as I work along.

Baggies - Large to Small - I want 12 of each. All blocks will have a touch of something from each other block in this as well.

Threads:- These will be wound off onto wood spools so that they do not get creases in them from being around thread winders.

Ribbons :- Assorted from silks, satins, specialty and velvets.- These will be wound around the core from a tin foil or waxed paper tube. Before I will cover with acid free tissues.

Laces:- Both plain and fancy

Silk prints - Be they personal of ones that are copyright free or purchased.

Needlebook for each box. Can be as simple as a pot holder with pins ready to stitch.

Large baggie with one block in it ready to stitch and run for those last minute stitching times.

I will start my first box today and share what goes into this box by the first of the week. I have not decided which of my many projects I will start first, but silkribbon is coming to mind again and I have always wanted a Baltimore Albumn Quilt to hang on my living room wall.

Let me think red, green, yellow, blues, etc..........encased in vintage style frames or left plain. Plain or moire, silk dupioni or satin, whole quilt or pieced...........Designs to be started and fabrics set aside.

My goal this week is to set up the box with

Picture of what I think the quilt will look like.

Folders, baggies etc...........these will not be full.

Ribbons and ideas.

Quilting design for borders and around blocks will justify what patterns will be used.

Miniature quilts do not have to be real small, they can be of a size large enough to work on and hang on a nice quilt rack and have a lot of meaning. They will be admire for years to come.

I will share some of my reference books as I go along and my own personal finished blocks in small detail.

Have a creative day. I plan to.

Projects that Lin

Every now and then we take a look around at where we are as well as what stage we are in with our lives, families, responsibilities and desires. Normally this takes place during a traumatic or overwhelmed time in our lives and we realize that there are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month, etc. to accomplish all that we have set out to do in our personal and creative lives.

Looking at the abundance of ufinished objects in both my personal and creative life I have decided to journal where I am and where I would like to be within the next few years. Scholars and the likes have always stressed a five year plan and most of us go through life winging it.

After watching a very impressionable movie last night "World Trade Centre "; I could not help but be overwhelmed by the love that was shared in the last part of the movie. I cannot speak for the first three quarters as I have not had the pleasure of watching it through as yet, but you can rest assured I will. If this movie does not make us stop and think about life and what it has to offer as well as what we have offered it, then we have all missed the boat and all of the people who lost their lives needlessly in the event as well as around the world in both our country and other countries will have been in vain.

In our home, it is a personal decision and always has been to have an open door policy. Never close a door that you cannot open. Our door swings both ways, good news and bad news, we are here. It has worked well for us for over 37 years and will continue to be a major part of our own personal lives.

Having said that and now wanting to get to the crust of where I am headed I have always wanted to have a few attainable but on the back burner projects done and I am going to start a few of them right away. I am making a plan to do these in project form and in rotation so that one does not get bored with them all at once, and I am journalling my voyage to document my life in stitches.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Charity Knitting

This afghan is basically the same as the last one except there are stadium stripes placed in the rows.
This one was knit for a larger person and required more yarn, not sure how much as it has been a while ago that these were knit. I know that the needles were 100 cross and that the yarns were light grey ragg and a deep burgundy. This was also crochet edged in grey.

Charity Knitting

This is a very simple stadium style child's blanket.
ISM machine knit keyplate 3.5 or 5.
Materials - 3 - 100 gram balls of main colour.
3 - 100 gram balls of contrasting colour.
Crochet hook sized 4.50 for crochet edging as above.
Cast on 100 stitches using waste yarn. Knit 6 rows.
Add main colour and knit for ten rows.
Change to contrasting colour and knit for ten rows.
Continue until afghan is the length that you prefer on it this case 150 rows.
Edge with single crochet. Work 3 single crochets in each corner and then work half double crochet around to finish.

Charity Knitting

Here are several charity blankets that I have knit on the ISM knitting machine, but they can also be done by hand, and have edged with crochet.

Charity Knitting

Here are several charity blankets that I have knit on the ISM knitting machine, but they can also be done by hand, and have edged with crochet.

ISM Knitting machine on Keyplate 3.5 or 4. Hand knitting needles would be metric 5.5 or us 6.
Materials - 3 - 100 gram balls solid colour ( navy )
3 - 100 gram balls verigated colour ( blues )
Crochet hook sized "F" or 4.5 or knit in garter stitch.
Knit four panels, joining as you go or they can be hand joined later by slip stitch or crochet.
Using waste yarn cast on 45 stitches..
Knit 6 rows.
Change to navy and knit 50 rows.
Change to verigated and knit 50 rows.
Continue in the above manner until you have a total of 6 squares. Cast off loosely.
Make a second strip identical to the first.
Make two more strips but start with the verigated navy and then change to navy.
You will have knit a total of six panels. Either join as you go on the machine and or slip stitch
the seams together, matching the squares.
Edge around with a single crochet and work 3 single crochets in each corner. Repeat round with a double crochet, and finish with one more row of single crochet. This keeps all of the sides flat.
Block and allow to set.
Enjoy............ This is a great scrap yarn you can change each time you run out of yarn and make a very colourful lap afghan or childs blanket.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Threads of Love

Threads of Love

A little off centre, as the base of the leaves should point down, but it is getting there. I have had to sketch and resketch using the purple fad out pen as I went along as I did not want to use a permanent marker or pencil as I have a habit of changing directions mid stream.

This is in a six inch hoop and the actual line of the circle runs where the leaves are on the bottom in to the base of the crystallized ribbon and to the tops of the ribbon stamens and down the side. I am not sure if I will fill in or not or just let the beauty of the fabric show through. I love the way the petals jump off the background, and in this one I did use a metallic polish to tone down the colour on the centre but it is a reminder of a beautiful face cab from a beautiful friend.

I hope to work all in cabs, and may leave this one once the leaves are done and start on a smaller scale until I decide whether to mat or frame this one as the front cover. I chose the lily as it is the only flower I have ever been able to grow in my garden. I now have sketches done for pansies, roses, daffodils etc., but want to lean in a different direction white on white. and pendant sized using the same chain on each pendant, same swage so that when closed the book would look like a bookmark and each page would be a different medallion that would fit into the tassel beaded fringe and match the beaded chain. Oh, well, that is for today anyway.

Atkins Challenge

Finally taking some time to get ideas on the blog. This is the sketch that I drew to bring out a different type of crativity in the type of work that I do. Normally, I am very structured when it comes to beadwork, plan it out and have a plan before I start, and keep it simple.

My first thought on a journal was to keep it in the round, and seeing as I had some cd's lying around decided to see what I could do to take advantage of these. First I sketched the tiger lily in on the right hand side as I remembered how many times I had cut one out in sane quilting, so the sketching for this one was simplified. I then added a small face that was a gift from my special friend " Leslie Ehrlich ", hope it is spelled correctly this time, she is from pinyoncreek blog. I just loved it.

I then remembered reading about coloured pencils and crayones being used to do in backgrounds for a general idea on colours, so off I went for some orange, green and darker tones of green and then the inspiration for the visual leaves came into play. I had already decided on a ribbon that would float across the design, under the lily and then end as falling from beneath it onto a smaller crystal and using some french beading techniques.

In my case more is better so I added more leaves than I thought I needed and knew that somehow I was going to have to figure out how to make the petals stand out three dimensional.

I had just finished doing a few pieces from a Ruth Wilson book and in it she used a water lily with three dimensional petals as well as the outline stitch in a two to three bead drop, I loved it. I then knew how the stamens would be added.

On my first try it was all on white and no matter how hard I tried it did not jump out at me, so I pulled all of the beads off and decided to use some overdyed orange to pink silk as a top fabric and the pattern as a liner with some linen as a backing and I am pleased.

I have the face on, beaded around, all of the ribbon and crystals done, and leaves done as well. I just finished adding the petals and now I am working into what I want to do with this shape.....leave it round, or turn it into another shape, and that won't be determined until I decide for sure what size my next project will be as this could always be my journal cover.........and the next ones could be made smaller. I think this is probably the hardest part of the creating, trying to be original and keeping on track.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Challenge in Beadwork

Nearing completion for the beaded part of the challenge I have decided that I like to work in three dimension, but that if I plan on doing something major with this and incorporating beads into all of my works I will have to work smaller.

I have taken some photos of the initial set up and design and will share when I get the camera out again. I must admit that this has been so much fun, and a challenge in itself. Now, if I can just go beyond the borders and do some creative work with colours and sizes of beads.

Perhaps this time I will use a large face cab and work that into this piece. I will try and scan and share the finished model tomorrow, until then happy beading. Now off to sketch a design for a hooked mat that dh says caught his eye on televison the other night. The blessings of being able to create. God is good.

Friday, May 25, 2007


I have decided to try the challenge of doing a journal page a month and seeing what I can come up with in beadwork that is original and realistic and useable for me. I am so conformed to basic shapes and art to wear that I have to try and break loose in order to justify beaded art.

I thought long and hard before signing up as this is a venture for a year and while I procrastinated in my mind my heart was saying you can do it. Everything in life does not have to be wearable or functioning in order to serve a purpose, and who said a journal had to open in one unit.

I will share my journey with you as I go along and share some pictures as well. I have decided to call this one " round to it ". I have so many designs and ideas floating in my head and so many little things that I have wanted to try and now I am allowing myself to break loose and take the plung and get " around to it ".

My first piece is " Tiger Lily ". I have used the cd shape as a disk for working on and I have sketched a tiger lily onto the disk in free flowing petals. I wanted to use some dimension so I plan on doing them three dimensional, thus the choice of background overdyed silk. I also want to wind leaves and ribbons in as well as other roundelles etc.

I gave this a good trial run on stiff stuff and was not pleased at how it would not be able to actually wrap around a cd when finished so removed the beads and the pattern and have started at square One again.

Materials for my first one include a layer of good muslin, a layer of stiff stuff with the pattern drawn clearly onto this, and a piece of overdyed silk placed on top of this. I then lightly traced through in case I change my mind while stitching.

I picked up my coloured pencils and shaded in the colours that I liked and now know which direction to take the colour in. A gorgeous little face given to me by a special friend " Leslie Urhlich of PinyonCreek fame is the focal point of this piece. I hope to work with assorted sizes of beads and shapes and keep all twelve pieces when done in journal form in a flat layout. I will also design a cover front and back. I know if I write this in here I have to make sure that it gets done and this also allows me to use more than one technique and grow in my beadwork, which is fast becoming my first love right in line with silkribbon work.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

God bless the mom's of the world. May they have the courage to go on and the strength to raise their families in a world so different from most of their pasts.

I view being a mom as the most beautiful experience in my life. A child created out of love, nutured and cared for and raised with both parents having the ability to surround her with love.

My darling Sheralee, if you are reading mom's blog today, know how very proud I am to be your mom and to know that you have such a kind and caring heart. You have grown into a mature young lady of whom mom and dad are so very proud.

I am also proud to call our son-in-law Ken " our son ". He has given us a reason to not worry about your fears even though as parents we do. He has also given us the emotions to want to put the same circle of love around him as we have you.

Know how proud dad and I are of both of you and the greatest blessing that I have on this day is being a mom to you and Ken.

Travel safely, have fun and hopefully we will see you both soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

If knitting on four needles the pattern is as follows:-

Cast on 24 stitches.Divide and put 8 stitches on three needles.Work 6 rows in twisted rib as follows: Row 1: K1, P1Row 2: K1 into back, P1 repeat Row 2 four times
Eyelet Row: Next row, yarn forward knit two together around - these are the eyelet's.
Knit even in stockinette stitch for 20 rows.
Toes:K2tog on all needles (12 stitches)knit one round even.K2tog on all needles (6 stitches)Knit one round even, thread needle through and gather toe stitches, this gives more shaping.
I then crocheted a chain, an "I' cord could be used instead and or ribbon, but knowing that they may need to be tightened and they can then wear them as they start to grow.

Two needle method.Cast on 24 stitches,Rib as above for 6 rows.Eyelet Row: K1, yarn forward knit two together across the needle,Purl back.Work even in stockinette stitch for 20 rows.Toe:K2tog across row. (12 stitches)Purl one row.K2tog across row. (6 stitches)Purl one row.Remove from needles and draw closed.Catching each knot on the side do an invisible seam.
Make cord as above insert and enjoy.