Monday, October 26, 2009

Pay It Forward

I will share more pictures of my hats that are done this week. I have completed close to ninety crocheted and knit hats and will reach my goal soon, but will not stop as there is such a need for a warm head and heart.

More works in progress

These little projects are nearing completion and will have mroe stitches, beadwork and decisions before they are finished. I have to work on these this evening and hopefully they will be ready this week to be posted.

Needle N Thread thread painting.

I am so pleased with the tutorial offered on the Needle N Thread blog that I had to get mine started and not in the sequence of lessons. Heaven forbid if I should be that one person who follows things line for line. I love the detailed lessons and now I am starting to work on the round sections...........I know the squares were first and then some leaves.......I can see room for improvement but I am not used to stitching with just one strand of thread for this type of work, but I am loving the lessons.

Prayer Pouch - Falling roses.

I truly enjoy designing prayer pouches with special people in mind. This one has a cascade of falling roses that are held down with little green silk ribbon leaves. A tear drop falls from the base of one rose, and the antique lace sets off the sprig at the top. It is also embellished with a touch of gold ribbon on the front and a pink prayer bow on the back. The straps are silk ribbon and they are fully lined. On a prayer and a wish and this little pouch leaves for a new home.

Prayer Pouch - Bleeding Hearts

This little pouch reminds me of bleeding hearts. I chose to make the flowers in a gathered style and then added long dangled beads from the centres. I also used 7mm over dyed green ribbon and did some matching leaves. The lace cuttings are from a larger piece that I have been cutting from and I have been debating on whether or not to dye the rest with tea dye, but decided on the simplicity of white. The little pouch is lined and made with love. All I have to do is say a prayer and mail this one out.

Willowberry Designs - Verendah View

I have finished embroidering this gorgeous little quilt from Willowberry Designs called Verendah Views and used a few more colours. I also went with a log effect rather than the little one inch borders that set them apart.

I have them pinned and ready to be basted and put in a frame. I love to hand quilt and this small quilt will be one of my favourites when done. I have pressed where I will end the quilting and add a wide border or lace or scallops, not sure which as yet, but I am so pleased to be able to start hand quilting this one this week.

I have totally enjoyed reading and stitching Verendah Views as we all can attest to the designs in each of these blocks.

Gail Pan Sesign - Christmas Wish Quilt

Having returned to sewing mode again I decided that if I drew on the designs on the little blocks and then embroidered them they would not get finished and just sit in a basket like a lot of my little blocks do, so this time I selected two feature fabrics, one I had more of than the other and i chose to set it together with the first border in a solid green so that the above colours would be added when the embroidery is finished. I love the sentiment and time that Gail has put into these designs.
This is phase one, the blocks are all drawn onto and set together with two prints, one red and one green and bordered. I am now picking out the threads that I will chose and will put this in my special stitching corner to start right away. These are so inspirational. I also have one block extra for the back and hope to be able to put the word " Family , and Pray, what a treasure this little wall quilt will be and hopefully it will share this Christmas with us.