Thursday, August 31, 2006

With the evenings getting cooler it is time to think of projects that remind me of Christmas. I have taken this block from a silkribbon book and rather than fusing the leaves to the wreath chose to use a larger ribbon. I also used a larger ribbon for the flowers and played with an editing program to get the inital that I used for the centre. This is one of a series.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The final bootee is crocheted and now the set is waiting to be blocked and a little batiste slip added to the underskirt. I love the openness of the crochet, but know that it would have to be lined eventually and may as well be done while it is stil in my mind.

I also finished two cq blocks and put them aside for a celebration quilt that I am working on. I enjoyed the diversity of the different fabrics used on one, they are fabrics I would have avoided for fear of not being able to embellish.

The other was a work in progress that I had sat aside and now am pleased to say it is full and finished.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It is hard to believe that it has been almost eleven days since I last posted. I have been finishing off and reassessing projects. I have the last bootee in progress on the christening set, and the final series of blocks ready for stitching for the prayer quilt I am working on. I have mailed out the prayer pouches to ladies who I felt would want one and returned some embroidered blocks that I stopped to embroider for a friend.

Hope to have some fresh thoughts up real soon.
Keep stitching.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long weekend with nothing better to do than tackle unfinished objects. I handpieced two 14" sampler quilt blocks and got the fabrics washed to finish them with. This has been in limbo since 1997. I am impressed.

I took some time and worked on handquilting the embroidered quilt and made more progess on this.

I have started to complete my Sunbonnet Girls Quilt by Helen Scott. I chose to do the smaller version and have embellished them to the hilt. They are nearing completion and are all hand appliqued and embellished......will share them a bit at a time.

I sorted out and finished one block on the basket quilt. I used # 8 perle cotton and did not like the result after the block was done. It will be removed unless I can find another series of six, and in that case will purchase another set of blocks which will make a larger quilt.

I worked and have almost completed half of the set of twelve blocks in the Sunbonnet Dolls in a 18" setting. I am working these with Needle Necessities overdyed thread and doing each dress in a different colour. I hope to set the flowers in as well, but the dresses are my main concern at this point.

Have a great day, and take a few stitches.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Two days later and another little pouch that is very detailed has come to life. This one is a crazy quilt pouch with dangling beads and lots of handwork. It would be more of a thank-you gift or " value your friendship" type of gift. I have another one done in similar colours and hope to get that one finished today or tomorrow. I am still embroidering butterflies for a special friend for her quilt.........and just finished making a pair of long shorts for work. Love the fabric and so will she, it was her dad's for his quilt. Kayaks........oh well, the quilt did not get made, but the shorts just need the elastic. Sure hope the fit and she is not near to do a try on. Time will tell.

Sweltering here in beautiful Nova Scotia by the sea.