Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long weekend with nothing better to do than tackle unfinished objects. I handpieced two 14" sampler quilt blocks and got the fabrics washed to finish them with. This has been in limbo since 1997. I am impressed.

I took some time and worked on handquilting the embroidered quilt and made more progess on this.

I have started to complete my Sunbonnet Girls Quilt by Helen Scott. I chose to do the smaller version and have embellished them to the hilt. They are nearing completion and are all hand appliqued and embellished......will share them a bit at a time.

I sorted out and finished one block on the basket quilt. I used # 8 perle cotton and did not like the result after the block was done. It will be removed unless I can find another series of six, and in that case will purchase another set of blocks which will make a larger quilt.

I worked and have almost completed half of the set of twelve blocks in the Sunbonnet Dolls in a 18" setting. I am working these with Needle Necessities overdyed thread and doing each dress in a different colour. I hope to set the flowers in as well, but the dresses are my main concern at this point.

Have a great day, and take a few stitches.

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