Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memory picture for a friend - original

Over the years my friend has sent me beautiful pieces of fabric, treasures of lace and beads and also shared her love of life and travel.  I have combined this in an anniversary picture and sent to her as a gift from my heart to remember those good times with.  It was a very rewarding project to work on.

Summer has arrived.

Summer has arrived and along with it comes some finished projects, which I have marked as ' done ' on my blog.

I must admit that I took a long break from writing and have done some serious cleaning out and up of projects that were started and never finished.

I am proud to say my angel bluework wall quilt is hanigng proudly on my wall and will share pics of this later on in the week.

I also have almost finished one more thread crocheted long christening gown, and it will be added to my page shortly., and , of course, have two more in the works.  I love to crochet and have done some small roses etc. for my quilting both sane and crazy.