Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Worked most of the afternoon making a vase that would fit into the scheme of the quilt that I am working, and so far I am pleased. I have chosen to use caron watercolours and did a lot of overthreading and beadwork. I have sketched in where I want the flowers to go and will on this later and share some pics.

I also have finished bead knitting another little amulet bag, or neck purse. Have to line and put fringe and a strap on this one along with a little baggie full in the ufo orphange stack.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

In posting the next block to the web I note that the monitor does not show any difference in colour at all. A good lesson to be learned in searching for colours on line for silkribbon, is not all that appears to be the same is the same in colours.

I chose a heart shape and started to introduce some metallic threads into the blocks especially in the heart one. I did a few yellow fantasy flowers to place between the leaves and wanted them to stand out more. I also went back and added some to the weeping roses branch and will add more to the other blocks as they progress.

I also want to add beads in different colours in small clusters to each block and will do that at the end after handquilting the wall quilt.

A partial weeping roses bush is the next in my series of little quilt blocks. I ended up having to use another shade of green so I will work along with the quilt and decide in the end if the first three have to be changed or can be incorporated into the quilt. I think if I were to start again I would work with a variety of greens, reds, blues, yellows, golds, browns, whites and ecru's, so this may end up being a nine block miniature wall hanging rather than a very large one that I had intended.

Friday, September 01, 2006

In working my first round wreath I chose the symbolism of " Peace " to bring to reality the values of life that surround us. I have used roses ( gathered ) in this one as well as both 4 and 7mm ribbons and a fine silk floss. This is Number 3 in the series.

I will add a ribbon to the top.........but all ribbons will be done at the end so that they co-ordinate with each other.

Beautiful hearts are normally found on all Baltimore Quilts in one form or another. I have chose to call this one " Love ", and have infilled with two shades and sizes of silkribbon. This is number two in the series.