Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Some Projects Finished.

I have added some ufo's to my list of major things to do while the snow falls in our little portion of the world, and as they are finished will share. From time to time will share patterns that are originals as I finish these.

I am proud to announce that I have gone over the 125 pay if forward hat challenge for myself and had such a heart warming response from the recipients that I will continue to do this for the coming year as well.

I have given to the local hospital, Inn for the Night - a place where homeless people can be kept warm, given a meal, and now a warm hat, Chrysallis House - a shelter for women and children who will receive their bag of hats this week., the local nursing home children's unit who fell in love with all of the hats. I also will do little gowns and cocoons for the neo natal unit of the local hospital.............but most of feels so good inside to be a silent giver. I have not shared all of my hats on my blog as it would appear boring, but Jackie Young crocheted six of my hats for me and they went to the children's cancer ward and will be treasured.

I am going to start a new blog in the new year for " Comforting Angels ", which will be dedicated to making something for someone else to make them happy and will have free patterns as well as pictures of what I am working on with sewing, knitting, crochet, and of course, my quilting.........

In the immortal words of Tiny Tim " God bless you All "

Pink Mohair mittens and Hat

An original pattern for a front and back hdc pink mohair hat and knit mittens.

Angel of Christmas

Add lace collage of flowers over shoulder and down front of dress. I also added small beads using tacky glue to the neckline along with one single rose. I allowed a half metre section of ribbon to fall down the front of the dress. I have yet to find my wedding doves, and when I do there will be one placed in her hand.
Back of angel showing wings added with stitches and tacky glue as well as one single flower to the centre of the wings.

Angel is now complete and ready to take her place of honour on the top of your tree, or Christmas display.
Pattern is a gift, and a gift is a present that you give someone to make them happy and is not to be sold as a pattern.
(c) Linda Boudreau - Bunnies & Lace 2009

Add lace to bottom of velvet and seam raw edges of velvet and lace together. Running a strong gathering thread at the top and pull to fit under bust line.
Sew side seams of slip, turn up bottom hem one inch and stitch. Using strong thread gather slip to fit snugly under bust line on head. Squirt a bit of glue front and back and allow to dry.
Cut lace piece in half and hem raw edge. Break thread and the slip lace over arm and chenille stem and gather top very tightly. Insert under head and add a dab of glue to hold in place. Repeat for other arm. Set aside to dry.
Gather lower edges of sleeves and secure tightly around arms about half way up. I add a dab of glue under this and then tightly tie a six inch piece of ribbon into a bow on each section. Puff up sleeves and allow to dry.

Insert chenille stem into each arm and secure with a touch of tacky glue. I bend over about one half an inch before inserting, set aside to dry.

Heirloom Christmas Angel Directions

Materials as pictured above.

Medium sized porcelain head and arms.
Chenille stem
Angel wings
12 x 32 inch piece of white cotton for slip
12 x 32 inch piece of white velvet for skirt.
12 x description on how to make the angel and attached you will find photos as well as brief32 inch piece of wide lace for bottom of skirt ( three inches wide )
24 x 4 inch piece of scalloped lace for sleeves.
Ribbon for wrists and front of dress. approximately one metre.
Purchased wedding collages of flowers ( if desired ) in white ( your choice ) for draping the dress.
Thick tacky glue of choice. I do not use a glue gun.
Cone or plastic cut to cone shape.
Heavy duty sewing thread for gathering.
Tiny beads and a bow for embellishment.