Saturday, July 17, 2010

DYOB Faces 2 - Colleen's Block

Having finished working on Colleen's block, I fell let down as I wish I had another one to work on, I love this type of work and have headed my cq work off in another direction after all.
I used an antique piece of vintage lace aged naturally at the corners and attached the face cab, which I must admit I love.
I then hand gathered about four inch wide silk/satin fabric and added the rusched collar.  Following this I embellished with mostly earth items and then decided when I was finished it was time for it to take on a new life of it's own and glisten with gold and emerge from it's cocoon.

This block felt so much like " Mother Earth ", when I worked on it, that it was so hard to put dazzling beads on it until I realized the earth is filled with jewels.  I did not add silk ribbon to this one just ran a ribbon wave of burgundy double sided satin and couched it down.  The butterfly is from the scrap booking section and is three dimensional.  I have hand stitched the butterfly down and it does give the block a bit of colour.