Friday, January 19, 2007

Whitework is a form of embroidery I have never tried but today I took the plunge and I think I am glad that I did. I used a good cotton, " Kona ", and some perle thread along with some metallics, but I think I will remove the metallics. I am hoping to develop this one into a pillow and place a monogram in the centre for the bedroom. I also want to make matching monogramed sheets. Sounds ambitious now doesn't it.

I have also been making some beaded cabs and still working on the one and only paisley that I will ever make for a swap.

About a weeks work left on the pineapple christening gown, and still working away on the log cabin quilt by hand.

Well off to watch the freezing rain hit the windows.

Monday, January 15, 2007

WTWW Block 2 in progress. I volunteered to do a second block and wanted it to be completely different from the first so I have chosen to work in colours that I would normally not chose. I have also decided to use techniques that I have not worked on other blocks in a while.

The crystal beadwork reminds me of the ornate chandaliers and wrought iron works on french gates........the heart with one half plain and one half patterned will represent the true person in us the part of our heart that blossoms with love and understanding and the part that might be just a little bit scared and timid.

I will keep the progress updated.

Friday, January 12, 2007

First beaded cab that stands alone. I made the face from fimo, painted it with copper metallic tole paint, and then beaded two rows of peyote stitch around the base using large beads, then added three rounds of peyote stitch to reduce to the face size. I then wanted to add some gold larger beads to reflect the sun and happiness and this is a RAOK that will be sent out soon. I truly enjoyed playing with this one and will work another one real soon.
My first one was worked directly onto the block that was featured a while back and is now finished.
I am also working on two ufo's at the same time in the evenings and at lunch time. I am working a large crewel picture of roses and daisies and I am finishing knitting a mitred square floor mat for the tv room. Hope to have both done real soon as they are in need of being " done ".

Thursday, January 11, 2007

These are two small pin pot tops that I have made that are inserted into the tops of padded jelly jar rims. I store my small stitching supplies in them and they are at hand always.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WTWW Block is now complete except for the write-up. I am sure that there is not one space that could take more encrusting or embellishment. I still want to work on the eyes on the fimo face that I did my first cab work on as I want more detail.

Today I am sharing a hearts as I just loved working on these and they exemplify my love of needlework. One is done in cross stitch and beading from a kit from Shepherd's Bush (c) and the other one is an original stitching jar pattern that I created. I take the lid from a jelly jar, trace around it, fill in the centre portion, pad and insert into the cap. I like using the fancy little jars and put in my needle necessities so that I know where my thimble, threader, thread heaven, needles, and laying tools plus it holds a great little pair of scissors. You can do this with larger jars as well. I received one as a gift years ago. It was a mason jug with a handle and the lid had a cross stitched " loon " on it and I have used it for years in my sane quilting.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still working on the art bra block, and picked up some crewel work as well. I am now hooked again on this artwork. Just love the feel of wool threads passing through my fingers. Oh well, not to mention the Bonnet Girls Quilt that I am hand embroidering at night as well. I will share a pic of a crewel picture I did back in the 70's and it is amazing it is still in this type of shape now and was hung without glass on the front.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunday was a productive day, but also one more of organizing, seems like this is a trend with me. I cannot work in clutter.

I took my first fimo face and painted it with highlights and turned it into my first beaded cab for my art bra quilt. It reminds me of the beauty that surrounds that face and not the hair, as in chemo this is one of the first great losses to our ego.

I also found one wing which is irridescent and may be adding that to the block as well attached with a gossamer pink pearlized flower. It reminds me that my mom left me one of her wings so that I need never be " flying on my own ".

I also added a handmade ribbon pansy in purple with a red tipped velvet leaf. It reminds me of how many times I think of her and the beauty that surrounded her short life.

I found a small fish as well, it was silver and it looks out of place until it accidently fell into the flower sprigs as mom was a christian. She believed in God and in the hereafter and a fish would be appropriate for her christian symbol.

A little girl holding a flower was given to me by a very dear friend and I am chosing to share this as it reminds me of the flowers that I used to bring mom as she love the beauty of them.

My heart is filling with love and overflowing with flowers, so now it is time to add the beads that will draw more attention to the detail. I chose to work the heart in a metallic dark and bright stem stitch and only embellish the left half and allow a butterfly, the symbol of " freedom in flight " to land on the side of the heart.

I will be finishing the heart today along with my TAST and will be sharing photos later.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oranize or agonize. What one finds when they decide to clean out the drawers in the bins on wheels. I remember when I was notorious for knowing where everything was all of the time, that was before I entered the world of crazy quilting. Last night after putting some more stitches on my art bra block I decided it was time to clean out at least one bin and the trinkets and laces, beads, etc, including silkies sent to me by friends were so worth the time. I am not doing stash reduction as I have plans for what items I have, but I am taking the bins that I have and using them properly. I will also share my organizational ideas with you. I want to stitch in my favourite room and be able to have sunshine all year round. I have a lovely stitching centre in the living room for embroidery and needlework, but one does not attempt to move crazy quilting and art into the main part of the house, or do they? I am also going to share some pictures of my new venture into " Heirloom Treasures " before I open the new blog and estey shop. This has been a dream for a long long time. Attached is my work on my denim purse that is in a round robin at the present. I love workign freestyle.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Most of the afternoon I worked on my art bra block and have to admit that I am being so fussy with this block which is good in one sense, but bad in another as I keep changing my direction.

Last night I sorted out a major UFO that I had started several years ago and promised myself it would be finished soon. I have about six more large blocks to finish hand embroidering for a full sized quilt for our bed. Dh loves it and that is all that counts. Each Bonnet doll is a different colour with a matching scalloped circle, she will be set together with a gorgeous pansy fabric that I have saved for a long time and now know why.

I will share more pics tomorrow, but in the meantime will share a little project that I did from a Mary Jo Hiney kit.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Attached are pictures of the little bear that was redesigned for a little tot to carry to his military mom and dad's wedding. He gets to remove the tie, wings and ring holder boquet when the day is over and the little glow in the dark bear will keep him safe while daddy is away. His dad is a sharpshooter in the military and is constantly being deployed. He is a beautiful child. His parents are being married tomorrow and this will remind him that he is the glow in his mom and dad's eyes and keep him safe until daddy is home again.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

UFO Challenge - Aside from doing normal shortening of dd's jeans and putting tops on curtains I pulled out a couple of angels that were nearing completion prior to Christmas. I also designed a little ring ' bear ' for dd to take back with her for a neighbour getting married. I made a little New Brunswick tartan bow tie, added some large feathered wings, and a collage of metallic and silver ribbons to his paw pad. It was a purchased bear and I hope to take pics of it before they leave and share on the site. This is for the child of the couple getting married who is under six months old to carry in his arms at his parent's wedding. I took the hint of the finished bear from Victoria Adams Brown using a finished tasselled cushion for a ring bear pillow, so I asked dd to purchase a white medium sized bear. It is adorable. Normally I would have made a bear, but the little one would not have been able to cuddle it after as it would have been covered with sre and beads.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

While waiting to finish my Take A Stitch Tuesday "TAST", I have included pictures of blocks that I have worked on that are full of my most used stitch the herringbone and hope that you enjoy them. I will add my new ones as they are finished and love this challenge, it makes us look back into our files and create new journals for those quilts that have gone to new homes.

The patriotic block is a work in progress for my daughter. She loves americana, even though we are Canadian and I did promise her that this would be done with the American themes and centre block in the quilt. I have yet to add to this stash so it sits waiting. I used all cottons that were sent by a friend and try and set aside little items that are shared with me in red, white and blue from my friends to make this a special wall quilt when finished.

Crazy Quilting Blocks I designed.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Into the wee hours of this morning I finished a swag of hearts and flowers on my block. I also finished stitching in the cascade of swags that will be developed later. I love how the small mill hill beads and the little heart beads bring the flowers to life on the long swag on the purple fabric.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First and foremost Happy New Year to all and the best in 2007.

Attached is a photo of a block I am working on for a donation quilt. I love working in purples so this was not a hard block for me to piece.

The theme is being kept in hearts and this is also a favourite of mine. One of my best finds this past month was a set of scrapbook templates for under two dollars that had oddles of shapes in them from the size heart on this block to one that would fit on a ring as well as every shape imaginable. I use these like I do the templates from " Carole Samples ".

I started piecing this block last night by hand and I am pleased with the fan and corner setting.

I then drew on the heart after using the templates to find out what size I wanted to use and then stitched a white running stitch around. I have since started to infill with specialty threads such as " YLI - Midnight , Needle Necessities , my own hand dyed pinks, and a gorgeous green/autumn to vintage ribbon my friend " Carolyn " gave to me on a recent visit to my home.

I will share my steps on my blog as I go along and hope you will make a block to make someone else happy this year. I will probably make more than one and select then I plan on starting to do a project a week that I have created on my own and sharing on my blog.

I love needlework and also love to share.