Sunday, March 17, 2013

Block one in Miss Tweets by Erin Russek

My Blue Angel

Truly enjoyed embroidery work and handquilting on this wall quilt and is one of my favourites.

Anniversary Quilt

The above started as a project to challenge myself different styles and types of embroidery in one block and when done was going to become a large ruffled pillow.  I could not find the fabric I wanted to border this so decided to turn it into a wall quilt.  My dh made the wall mount for this as he does all of my quilts.

My Floor swivel Frame.

The above frame was designed by a special friend to see if it could also be adapter to a wheelchair, and I am pleased to say that it can.  I use my frame in a big comfy chair most of the time.

In front of a power chair, it has the ability to put the foot stand down and still quilt if I am confined to this at the time.  Normally I do not quilt in a wheelchair.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Miss Kay by Erin Russek

I did this block as my first large applique project.  I have not used large flowers before and this one has captivated my heart.

I have added the in progress pictures to show a fellow quilting friend, how I chose to handquilt this one.

I can only do straight line quilting on the ones that I have given to a local nursing home, but will always do handquilting until I can perfect machine quilting.

This block is missing the dimensional circles at the peaks of the tulips and I plan on adding some dimensional butterflies twitting amongst the flowing daisies.

I enjoyed hand appliquing this piece and the pattern is available at Erin's blog ' One Piece At A Time."

I always have more than one project on the run at a time.

Detail of one corner
Not pleased until I added cross hatching and it made the flowers pop as well.

Easter Blessings in progress

This is a little 7.5 inch block that was designed by Esther and shared with her online group.  I have to add more detail to the leaves etc., and there are two more borders to follow the dark innner border.  A slow work in progress for me.