Friday, March 15, 2013

Miss Kay by Erin Russek

I did this block as my first large applique project.  I have not used large flowers before and this one has captivated my heart.

I have added the in progress pictures to show a fellow quilting friend, how I chose to handquilt this one.

I can only do straight line quilting on the ones that I have given to a local nursing home, but will always do handquilting until I can perfect machine quilting.

This block is missing the dimensional circles at the peaks of the tulips and I plan on adding some dimensional butterflies twitting amongst the flowing daisies.

I enjoyed hand appliquing this piece and the pattern is available at Erin's blog ' One Piece At A Time."

I always have more than one project on the run at a time.

Detail of one corner
Not pleased until I added cross hatching and it made the flowers pop as well.

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Anonymous said...

That cross hatching looks so beautiful with those flowers. Awesome.