Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prayer Post Two

This is the second prayer pouch that I made and finished over the past week. I added floating hearts, some fantasy flowers and a little cupid to the top. A trick I have learned in working with the fringed bead work is to hide it under a seam on the lace or a ribbon of it's own and you can feel confident that it will work.

I hope to do a step by step to how these are made and will share on my blog along with a basic pattern as each one changes in size and shape.

Prayer Pouch One

This little prayer purse is what has been keeping me busy the last few weeks on and off finding time to work on it and say a few prayers at the same time. I hope it brings happiness and joy to the new home it will soon arrive at.

I sincerely love doing this as they are a true labour of love and creativity and all are lined with batiste and backed with dress linen.

First attempt at Brazilian Embroidery

I am so pleased with the kit that came with this beautiful piece and seeing as it is my first attempt using these radiant threads and working with the twists and beautiful colours I am very pleased.

I love how the little hydrangea turned out and this is square one in my quilt.

I received this kit as a gift from my special Chatty's Angel Sister Carolyn as a gift for doing her wedding pillow and I cannot thank her enough for leading me down this embroidery path. I am hooked.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rose Swag Pouch

Spring Cleaning my sewing room I decided to set aside some small pieces of tone on tone fabrics and lace as well as some ribbons that were left over from other projects, beads as well and a second pouch is now designed.

The overall size of these finished and lined are about 4.5 x 6.5 depending on the main fabric I have to play with.

I enjoy working with ribbon and want to start using different types of flowers as well as techniques.

Boquet of Roses Pouch

With Easter upon us and the bulbs popping through the ground it reminded me of my beautiful rose bushes that I had planted last year so I decided to take their colours and use them on a pouch.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Vintage Colours Block

This one is ready to play with today. The motif will not necessarily remain in the same spot and there will be more definition in the work as it goes along.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fourth Gold Block Finished

This is the fourth and final block in the wall hanging that I have to do. I just have to decide how to sash and this and the other three will be hung on a wall. Reason being, so much swag and swinging beads.

This will now sit on the back burner while I finish up, and or start some new items.