Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Art Bra Quilt Block

This is my 2008 art bra quilt block for the wall hanging. I hope to be able to get some work done on this over the weekend. The theme is butterflies and spring and I have thoroughly loved piecing this block. It finishes at the size shown although the working size is nine inches. This is an eight inch block.

Tote & Roll

This is a picture of my 17" wide tote a roll that has more than one block stacked in it for stitching purposes. It rolls closed and has room in the tube for storing scissors, rulers, threads etc. It also has a matching tote bag that goes with it for carrying larger items such as hoops etc. I designed this several years ago and just love the versatality of using this as it does not flattern a thing., it is closed with a taseel tie.

These are pictures of my revamped stitching area. Dh got me the latest piece for Christmas and it is a desk where there is no computer hidden, it is for stitching on and storing supplies on the side. Each of the other pieces were purchased as gifts over the past few years and all match. I love the storage system for threads, works in progress, and fabrics. Needless to say it is a very well travelled area in my home, and my comfy chair is just what I need to keep me out of trouble and stitching.

    This is a healing/memory block for a special quilt for a very special friend, it is nearing completion and will be mailed out this coming week. I have loved working on this one.

These are five little hats that I finished crocheting this week. I added little roses and white buttons to the decos and one has a tie that will hold it tighter to a head. I also finished crocheting the little white dress in the background but have to add the ribbons to this one. It finished adorable.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

As shown I have started to place some stitches into the fan wedges on the block. I have also added a very wide white border which acts as a cover when I put this in the frame so that there are no marks.
The angel at the bottom was made by an angel from " Chatty's Angels " known to us as Barbee and is so special.... I have chosen to take this block and use the base layer to add layer upon layer upon layer of stitches and to use them large and without the aid of measuring points to make perfect stitches. Sewing machines sometimes make perfect stitches.
I will not add the bead work, encrustment or silk ribbon work until the block fan is complete as the fan is the focal point. The medallion for the mentor will be placed in the wedge surrounded by glorious silk ribbon flowers, encrusted beads etc. at this point. Not sure what or how.
Must admit that I did start with a blank 14.5 inch backing and made the five fan block into seven fans, and then added the arc and the wedge and this is getting close to the sketch that I made. I even invested in a sketch pad, something I had never thought of using before and will keep records on this as I go along. I have also come up with ideas on how to finish each block but that will change I am sure as time goes by.
Sun is shining and more work to do before I can take some time and work on this block. Happy Birthday dad. I know you are not on the Internet and that you do not even know what a blog is but it makes me feel good.

Pictures of Work in Progress on Block

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally working along

After giving in and using another machine and making goodness knows how many adjustments I chose to make my block 14 inches square finished and did a fan to fit within this space. Now normally I would just cut a wedge, arc and setting piece and due to lack of proper organizational skills after a month of company I ended up winging it and I am pleased.

I ended up with seven wedges instead of five, and chose the colours that Sharon has suggested. I will take a picture later on and post this. I have all of it basted down.

This afternoon I pulled some threads and got about four seams done in larger than I would work stitches and rebuilt stitches. I must admit I am liking the stitches done this way.

I have a silk of the mentor in my series and it will be placed on point so that the fan can hang from a wall. I have also allowed myself room to do some silk ribbon work and rusching and pleated fabrics and lace, but, have decided as I work along I will allow it to grow. I will probably leave the bead work to the last, which is unlike me as I like to see the design as I work it out, but time will tell.

Off to get some housework done, supper on, and perhaps a few more stitches before I have to get back to work.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Colours Pulled & Ready To Go

After copying and enlarging the colours that Sharon gave us to work with it was a real treat to look at them and say these are colours I have used in cross stitch patterns. Looks like 3041 - 3042 dmc and 500 - 503 - 504 in the greens, and then my mentor had already not only sent me the basic fabrics, but she has sent me the back-up fabrics as well and this makes me want to make the block larger. I have so many plans on what to do with this colour range and to incorporate the over dyed silks on the end into the pattern that I have to let my mind rest as I do not want to cut into those precious over dyes until ready. When I eliminate the precious colours that are over dyed there is still lots of room for comfort and growth in the block in the colours chosen. We have to learn to go with our heart and not with just what is laid out. I took one look at the palette and thought, no way could I work with these colours without laying in some prints on prints or tones, and within a few minutes with a collection of gorgeous fabrics from my cyber sister and friend on our angel list was able to pull them out and wow..............the white on white quilt is now history for this month.
These colours seem to want to call out the passion in the sky and earth and were we without the ability to see beyond blue and brown we would not be able to bring forth the beauty that a gorgeous Nova Scotia sky can bring on a quiet summer evening as it slowly settles into the horizon............trees gently swaying in a warm breeze that has decided to cool the air and the stream with the little fish is full of little ripples, while the flowers are bowing their heads and bidding us goodnight.
Now to sketch out my plans, which is also another first for me, usually I wing it on the seat of my pants, but I want to try and capture what Sharon is calling us to do. See you tomorrow and we will find out what size block and is it going to convey what I want it to, or just bring out the colours that we are encouraged to use.
This is like a mystery project waiting for the next month to see if the colours will mate or if the eye has to wander even further.........and what challenge will it be..............So, this month, I am going earth, wind, air and fire......................well starting it now as we all know a block is never completely done until it is stitched.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Take It Further Challenge

I am getting ready to pull some fabrics for my challenge and set them into motion. I am also looking for an excuse to use the beautiful fabric stamps and paper stamps that I have placed away for some time so this should prove very inspirational to me. I hope to have a quilt and a journal at the end of the challenge.

A mentor:- to me is someone or something that has touched your life in such a way that it or they have caused you to become stronger, more active and assertive in both mind, body and spirit.

A mentor not only comments, helps create, but forces you to step outside the box and give you the inner strength and peace to persue what you desire to do, not only in how you live your life, but the quality of life that results as a part of that mission.

There are a number of mentors in my life and as each block progresses I hope that they or I am able to find the courage to create one block a month that will bring me closer to being the person that I want to be - A heart without borders............a sea without waves............a beach without sand............a garden without flowers............a brook without water............a path without stones.......a sky without birds...........a tree without fruit...............all of these would exist if we did not allow a mentor to come into our lives and put the frills around our hearts, waves in the ocean that form sands of time, that continue to nourish a garden with flowers.......a few rocks to cause the brook to that birds would fly and all we can do is sit under the tree of life and enjoy the fruit of our labours.

Tomorrow I will start to journal my beginnings of this beautiful challenge that Sharon B has challented us to communicate through stitches this year and in doing so stitch the fabrics of my life into the heart of my future and help me to continue on my special journey of creativity and love.