Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Colours Pulled & Ready To Go

After copying and enlarging the colours that Sharon gave us to work with it was a real treat to look at them and say these are colours I have used in cross stitch patterns. Looks like 3041 - 3042 dmc and 500 - 503 - 504 in the greens, and then my mentor had already not only sent me the basic fabrics, but she has sent me the back-up fabrics as well and this makes me want to make the block larger. I have so many plans on what to do with this colour range and to incorporate the over dyed silks on the end into the pattern that I have to let my mind rest as I do not want to cut into those precious over dyes until ready. When I eliminate the precious colours that are over dyed there is still lots of room for comfort and growth in the block in the colours chosen. We have to learn to go with our heart and not with just what is laid out. I took one look at the palette and thought, no way could I work with these colours without laying in some prints on prints or tones, and within a few minutes with a collection of gorgeous fabrics from my cyber sister and friend on our angel list was able to pull them out and wow..............the white on white quilt is now history for this month.
These colours seem to want to call out the passion in the sky and earth and were we without the ability to see beyond blue and brown we would not be able to bring forth the beauty that a gorgeous Nova Scotia sky can bring on a quiet summer evening as it slowly settles into the horizon............trees gently swaying in a warm breeze that has decided to cool the air and the stream with the little fish is full of little ripples, while the flowers are bowing their heads and bidding us goodnight.
Now to sketch out my plans, which is also another first for me, usually I wing it on the seat of my pants, but I want to try and capture what Sharon is calling us to do. See you tomorrow and we will find out what size block and is it going to convey what I want it to, or just bring out the colours that we are encouraged to use.
This is like a mystery project waiting for the next month to see if the colours will mate or if the eye has to wander even further.........and what challenge will it be..............So, this month, I am going earth, wind, air and fire......................well starting it now as we all know a block is never completely done until it is stitched.

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