Sunday, January 06, 2008

Take It Further Challenge

I am getting ready to pull some fabrics for my challenge and set them into motion. I am also looking for an excuse to use the beautiful fabric stamps and paper stamps that I have placed away for some time so this should prove very inspirational to me. I hope to have a quilt and a journal at the end of the challenge.

A mentor:- to me is someone or something that has touched your life in such a way that it or they have caused you to become stronger, more active and assertive in both mind, body and spirit.

A mentor not only comments, helps create, but forces you to step outside the box and give you the inner strength and peace to persue what you desire to do, not only in how you live your life, but the quality of life that results as a part of that mission.

There are a number of mentors in my life and as each block progresses I hope that they or I am able to find the courage to create one block a month that will bring me closer to being the person that I want to be - A heart without borders............a sea without waves............a beach without sand............a garden without flowers............a brook without water............a path without stones.......a sky without birds...........a tree without fruit...............all of these would exist if we did not allow a mentor to come into our lives and put the frills around our hearts, waves in the ocean that form sands of time, that continue to nourish a garden with flowers.......a few rocks to cause the brook to that birds would fly and all we can do is sit under the tree of life and enjoy the fruit of our labours.

Tomorrow I will start to journal my beginnings of this beautiful challenge that Sharon B has challented us to communicate through stitches this year and in doing so stitch the fabrics of my life into the heart of my future and help me to continue on my special journey of creativity and love.

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