Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally working along

After giving in and using another machine and making goodness knows how many adjustments I chose to make my block 14 inches square finished and did a fan to fit within this space. Now normally I would just cut a wedge, arc and setting piece and due to lack of proper organizational skills after a month of company I ended up winging it and I am pleased.

I ended up with seven wedges instead of five, and chose the colours that Sharon has suggested. I will take a picture later on and post this. I have all of it basted down.

This afternoon I pulled some threads and got about four seams done in larger than I would work stitches and rebuilt stitches. I must admit I am liking the stitches done this way.

I have a silk of the mentor in my series and it will be placed on point so that the fan can hang from a wall. I have also allowed myself room to do some silk ribbon work and rusching and pleated fabrics and lace, but, have decided as I work along I will allow it to grow. I will probably leave the bead work to the last, which is unlike me as I like to see the design as I work it out, but time will tell.

Off to get some housework done, supper on, and perhaps a few more stitches before I have to get back to work.

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