Thursday, January 17, 2008

As shown I have started to place some stitches into the fan wedges on the block. I have also added a very wide white border which acts as a cover when I put this in the frame so that there are no marks.
The angel at the bottom was made by an angel from " Chatty's Angels " known to us as Barbee and is so special.... I have chosen to take this block and use the base layer to add layer upon layer upon layer of stitches and to use them large and without the aid of measuring points to make perfect stitches. Sewing machines sometimes make perfect stitches.
I will not add the bead work, encrustment or silk ribbon work until the block fan is complete as the fan is the focal point. The medallion for the mentor will be placed in the wedge surrounded by glorious silk ribbon flowers, encrusted beads etc. at this point. Not sure what or how.
Must admit that I did start with a blank 14.5 inch backing and made the five fan block into seven fans, and then added the arc and the wedge and this is getting close to the sketch that I made. I even invested in a sketch pad, something I had never thought of using before and will keep records on this as I go along. I have also come up with ideas on how to finish each block but that will change I am sure as time goes by.
Sun is shining and more work to do before I can take some time and work on this block. Happy Birthday dad. I know you are not on the Internet and that you do not even know what a blog is but it makes me feel good.

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