Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is my July project, which I am proud to say is an original, and it is shown in sketch form further along in the blog.
I wanted this to represent the beautiful lilies that grow down the outside ramp that leads from our patio deck. All that was left to do were the few leaves at the bottom to be filled in. This is stitched within the constraints of a cd rom pattern. It also has the bottom left so that this portion can have an adorment of a tassell, beaded, or charm at some time.
I just started to work on August's " A Daisy A Day " yesterday and will keep posting as time permits.

June Project

This is a Ruth Wilson design that was destined for a bookcover, but as I have learned so many new techniques and added a few of my own along the way have decided to include this as my first piece of work in the Challenge. All I had to do was the leaves yesterday and now it is done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crochet from Past Challenges

This little Irish doll was crocheted and given to a young lady who is dealing with cancer treatment and was a true labour of love. It was my first Annie's Attic Bed Doll. More pictures below.

After many years of not crocheting I chose to tackle this doily designed on line as a mystery and a challenge and it opened a new world of crochet for me. This one is in the home of my mother-in-law in Cape Breton.

This was the second doily that was started as a mystery and
completed and taken to my daughter's home in New Brunswick.

These are more photos of the doll as well as a small pineapple sachet, that I did keep for myself.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

- Tulips Too Late

As you can tell this is a new adventure for me both in sketching and in creating with beads and fabrics.\\This will be the September challenge and will work on this as I go along and have to yet select the silk fabric, back it, and pick out some unusual beads and techniques to embellish with.

A Daisy A Day

I have sketched out the August flower of the month, being a daisy in memory of my mom, and one of her favourite songs " A Daisy A Day .' I am not sure if there will be little faces in them or rose centres and or what, but will work it as I go along. These are all sized as in the last two, same as a cd circle. Not sure what I am going to do with these when they are done, but that will come before I cut them out.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunbonnet Sue joins the Red Hat Society

First of all I had some of these little seven inch blocks ironed and ready to stitch on a recent week visit and did not get a thing done on them because of the heat.

I started one on the weekend and used dmc 75 verigated reds and not sure of the number off hand of the deep purple but it is equivalent to a dmc 550 in verigated's.

When I finished I went in with a good name brand coloured pencil and shaed close to the stitching lines on both sides. I also did a swirling circular motion on the arms and added some fleshtone, I left the rest as is. I then, without heat setting, went to the sink and scrubbed roughly with hand soap and then rinsed in warm water. I ironed this dry, and then added some spray starch. Very little colour was lost.

This is stitched on tone on tone beige and if I were to use this technique again would preset the colours to be sure as this was an experiment. It can always be added to with colour as you are only shading next to the lines, similar to crayon tinting without the wax. It does look like an antique block and it highlighted well.

Off to find some more ufo's.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Organize or Agonize

These are little angels that I make and place on my windowsill until I see someone who needs one for a special reason.

This one went home along with a hand crocheted afghan to a great lady who is fighting another battle with cancer, her disease is out of remission and I know this little angel will watch over her and take care of her while she is going through new rounds of chemo.

This little angel went to a special little sister on her birthday. She treasures anything that I make for her and she will treasure this as well I am sure.

I can hardly wait to start making more of them.