Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is my July project, which I am proud to say is an original, and it is shown in sketch form further along in the blog.
I wanted this to represent the beautiful lilies that grow down the outside ramp that leads from our patio deck. All that was left to do were the few leaves at the bottom to be filled in. This is stitched within the constraints of a cd rom pattern. It also has the bottom left so that this portion can have an adorment of a tassell, beaded, or charm at some time.
I just started to work on August's " A Daisy A Day " yesterday and will keep posting as time permits.


Hélène H said...

This is really nice. I love your BJP pages, they're so delicate !

Bunnies & Lace said...

Thanks Helene', I went to your site and your work is beautiful.

Pat Winter said...

Very beautiful.