Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Inspirations

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year and it reminds me of the beauty of summer left behind. It also lends me to want to re-organize my priorities and sewing room at the same time, and as there are some minor painting of rooms to be done, a complete move was necessary.

Yesterday I spent the day organizing some of my precious whites and fancies and lace so that I can tackle a few more "overdue in my eyes " prayer pouches for special people in my life that are having problems. It is amazing what we find when we start cleaning and re-organizing, and what really becomes part of your future or a figment of your past. I toss lovingly to those who need to be kept busy and feel no guilt as I know they will be used.

I hope to be back on line with new finishes within a week and will share all with you as well as directions. I will share my way of designing what I call a " Prayer Pouch ", a special little fancy pouch that is made and can hold prayers. When I send mine out, they have a prayer, a motivational message, a specialty tea, and sometimes a little special charm or item that I know will make the persons day. Some are already shown on my site and have taken wing and arrived around the continent.

Hugs and pleasant fall changes to all

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