Sunday, October 28, 2007

New doll on the horizon

Today I was determined to learn to do peyote stitch around those precious little fimo heads in size 11 beads rather than the monster ones that I was using. I also decided that these ladies needed a change in body and shape and more detail to them so I spent the afternoon beading my first small bead fimo face and she is a keeper. She has a gentile look and will have to have a silk shantung body to meet it and not sure if she will be beaded, embroidered or silk ribboned to pieces, but can hardly wait to work on this one hopefully tomorrow.

I must admit that I get such a feeling of love in my heart as I work on these little dolls of dreams and cannot imagine how it must feel to know that this little character will soon change the frown to a smile on the face of someone not as lucky as I am to be on the creative side of the fence.

Always remember an angel never flies you must make her one...........

Pics to follow............

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comfort Doll

Having finished my work early yesterday I decided to try a pattern that I had sketched out the day before. It was a simple doll with arms and an elongated heart shaped body. I had seen a video on line for working with dolls and must admit it is a real life saver. I wish I would have bookmarked the site as the lady shared her instructions freely. I had a gorgeous piece of fabric that I had done an overlay of antique lace on to make into a prayer pouch. Well, needless to say there was enough to make two pouches so I got brave and decided to start the doll instead. I cut one the size that I would need and the other one larger. I put a seam into the back and left an opening for turning. I then placed the fabric right sides together and centred the doll over the seam and traced around. I then stitched and started to turn......oh my, I envy people who like working with small turns and little hands but must admit that it worked.

I am not the greatest at peyote stitch with beads. I would rather embroider with them anytime, but I did peyote around a fimo face that was coloured with nail polish and added some swags of beads for hair.

I then took a disappearing marker and put some long swirls around the doll and onto the arms and then started the procedure of hand beading two beads at a time the swirls in a cluster. I was impressed as to how fast this went using the long skinny beading needles rather than the shorter ones, bear in mind the doll is stuffed and closed so we are beading on a firm surface and that means long needles.

When I finished beading the swirls I then went and added a little pink vintage flower that I had and hid a dangling bead cut from one of the trims by the yard. I cut close to the ribbon and used that to anchor it down. I was pleased with my first comfort doll and will post pictures later today before I mail them off to Pat.

I also have another half dozen comfort kitties ready to stuff, embroider and brush tails for and they will go in the mail next week. I just love the feeling of passing on and on and one.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comfort Kitties

This afternoon the sun was shining and it was a most beautiful day. A perfect day to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am, and most of us are not to be burden with the fear of anger, abuse and lack of love. Be it the love of a child, a mate, a parent or a friend everyone needs someone to be a part of their lives.

I decided that rather than going outside to enjoy the weather that I would finish two more comfort kitties and get them in the mail to Pat Winters. She is one motivatinal lady, she has brought forth an inner peace in me that I just want to wrap my arms around the whole world and make them feel just as safe as I do, but seeing as I can't, I finished two more little kitties. I will take some pics of them in a bit and put them on the site with hope that it will encourage you to do something to make a difference in someone else's life, the way that Pat has made a difference in not only our lives, but in the lives of those who have no one to hug, no one to hold, and no one to tell their worst fears to, except these little comfort dolls of love. They do keep secrets and right now they are probably the one person these people trust. If you have love in your heart " Pay It Forward ", make a doll to comfot someone who does not have that love and before you send one out say a little prayer that maybe someday they will be on this end of line making comfort dolls for some one else, knowing what it must mean to them. We are blessed.