Sunday, October 28, 2007

New doll on the horizon

Today I was determined to learn to do peyote stitch around those precious little fimo heads in size 11 beads rather than the monster ones that I was using. I also decided that these ladies needed a change in body and shape and more detail to them so I spent the afternoon beading my first small bead fimo face and she is a keeper. She has a gentile look and will have to have a silk shantung body to meet it and not sure if she will be beaded, embroidered or silk ribboned to pieces, but can hardly wait to work on this one hopefully tomorrow.

I must admit that I get such a feeling of love in my heart as I work on these little dolls of dreams and cannot imagine how it must feel to know that this little character will soon change the frown to a smile on the face of someone not as lucky as I am to be on the creative side of the fence.

Always remember an angel never flies you must make her one...........

Pics to follow............

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