Monday, July 21, 2008

Leslie's Wedding Block for Cancer Quilt

This is the beginning of a wedding block for Leslie's Wedding block for cancer quilt. I finished one and then decided I had to do another one. I felt so moved by this cause. I am in the beginning stages of this one so have mailed the first one out to Leslie and seeing as how I have until " October " will play with this one as well. I truly love working on these blocks as it makes me realize how lucky I am to know special people like " Leslie " who do walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to getting things done.

CQ International RR# 3 for new joiners.

Here is a picture of my purple block with some stitching done to set a stage. I am enclosing this along with a quilt ( sane ) book for Pam and also a collection of laces for Pam and the other three stitchers on this block. This is referred to as a round robin and I look forward to seeing what others will have done on this when it finally comes home. I have also added a little book. Pics to follow

Art Bra Quilt 2009

Attached is a picture of the block that I have designed to use in this year's quilt block for next year's quilt. We were all sent a beautiful piece of rose silk duponi by Barbara and were to base our blocks on pink and I chose suttle colours.
I have laid the signature silk on top as she may be carrying a cascade of roses, and if not, she will be removed and a rose bower, gazebo and or trellis will be put in place. I can hardly wait to start working on her, but have two in the works to work on first. One coming up next post and the one to finish up after that.