Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Blue Angel

Truly enjoyed embroidery work and handquilting on this wall quilt and is one of my favourites.

Anniversary Quilt

The above started as a project to challenge myself different styles and types of embroidery in one block and when done was going to become a large ruffled pillow.  I could not find the fabric I wanted to border this so decided to turn it into a wall quilt.  My dh made the wall mount for this as he does all of my quilts.

My Floor swivel Frame.

The above frame was designed by a special friend to see if it could also be adapter to a wheelchair, and I am pleased to say that it can.  I use my frame in a big comfy chair most of the time.

In front of a power chair, it has the ability to put the foot stand down and still quilt if I am confined to this at the time.  Normally I do not quilt in a wheelchair.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Miss Kay by Erin Russek

I did this block as my first large applique project.  I have not used large flowers before and this one has captivated my heart.

I have added the in progress pictures to show a fellow quilting friend, how I chose to handquilt this one.

I can only do straight line quilting on the ones that I have given to a local nursing home, but will always do handquilting until I can perfect machine quilting.

This block is missing the dimensional circles at the peaks of the tulips and I plan on adding some dimensional butterflies twitting amongst the flowing daisies.

I enjoyed hand appliquing this piece and the pattern is available at Erin's blog ' One Piece At A Time."

I always have more than one project on the run at a time.

Detail of one corner
Not pleased until I added cross hatching and it made the flowers pop as well.

Easter Blessings in progress

This is a little 7.5 inch block that was designed by Esther and shared with her online group.  I have to add more detail to the leaves etc., and there are two more borders to follow the dark innner border.  A slow work in progress for me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slow Works in Progress

Today I added some wedding vintage lace to two corners of a silkribbon art design that I had not decided on quite how to finish.  I truly don't want it to be a pillow as they have a habit of being scrunched unless they are on the long ottoman at the end of the hall.

I have also set aside some gorgeous silk to work two more designs up, one in a pastel grey and one in a vintage muted green.

I am also wandering back to my pink and beige and lace stages.

I have also finished the applique on five of the blocks from the My Tweets quilt from Erin Russek and have two more nearing the stage where they will be appliqued down as well

I did finish her Miss Kelly and love it, now to find the time to hand quilt, and share the pictures.

Have a great day ................not to mention, I have been designing and using puppy pads as my little pomeranian is having accident with his bladder so a belly band was needed and rather than purchase these have designed my own version for little puppies.
Stitch your dreams.

Pictures as promised

Took some quick pictures of the five little quilts that I did on the machine and am sharing here..........the pattern is below.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Machine Quilting

Asked a year ago about machine quilting and I definitely would have said no, but as of two days ago., I have designed and finished quilting, but now waiting for binding a total of four toddler quilts.

Such a simple procedure done out of necessity as my dd was using my beautiful wall quilts as covers for her childcare children and my fears were of spilling and colouring so I knew there was room for change.  I will share my quick patterns and post pictures under the name of Pay it Forward Quilts.

Pay I Forward Quilts:-

1/2 metre of centre fabric
1/2 metre of border fabric
1 metre of backing fabric
1 metre of low loft quilt batting.
large saftey pins.

Wash and press all fabrics.

Cut feature fabric 30.5 x 38.5 inches.
Cut borders (1) top - 30.5 x 3.5 bottom 30.5  x 3.5

Cut Backing at least two inches bigger on all four sides lay riht side up on table.
Cut backing same size and smooth over backing.

Lay quilt on top two inches in from the sids and two inches down from the top.  Spread out evenly, and start pinning from the top down working out an wrinkles as you go.
Cut borders      side- 44.5 x 3.5 (2) add sides last

I now have worked both with and without  a walking foot and must admit on the last two the walking foot worked much better as the room was so humid the quilt did not want to slide evenly under the pressure foot.  Next time I will sprinkle a bit of powder over the surface to assist with sliding.

I set my machine to 4.5 stitches and eye stitched straight lines down the full length of the quilt.  I then quilted all around the inside border and then followed with quilting down the outside edges.  They are now ready for binding so I will cut strips two inches wide and join and double fold and attached all around each quilt, mitre corners and sew down, and then share pictures with you.


I made one earlier for a nursing home and it was all handwork and I loved doing it as it was a wall quilt.

I did a second " Precious Moments " quilt panel with lace and ribbons and machine quilted this one as it will be washed a lot and donate this to the children's section of the nursing home.


Started to also work on my winter caps again............must also take more pictures..........watching tv and crocheting I have made three adult and two children's caps.............I also have one child's size four apple pullover in the basket waiting to be finished.


Once these are out of the way I will start my heirloom sewing gifts for Christmas and share

Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Mini wall block.

This one has some tatting and speciality stitches as well as the initial.

This one has butterflies in organza, different stitches and all have the cherubs

This one has a new technique for initials as well as for working the butterflies in flight.

This shows the actual size of around eight inches and how puffy they truly are.

This is a little prayer pouch that I have made and set aside for now.  It was actually created some time ago, and just found it for the camera.

This is a second prayer pouch and it shows both the front and the back and the individualism of each one, no two are the same.

This is an 8 x about 14 inch block that I have finished stitching and want to get a frill added to and a pillow and back done before Christmas.  I am trying to work in tone on tone with a touch of pink.  I did not want to add any crazy quilting stitches at this time.  Love the antiqued lace, rusched ribbons and the double satin bows.

Sharing Time

This is a simple memory wall hanger that I have made for each of my sister's for Christmas.  The lovely lady in the picture is our ' mom '.  She was a beautiful lady and so missed.  The girls have complimented me on my framed memory piece on my wall so I thought I would surprise them with one of their own this year.

They all use the same roses and leaves, but all others techniques are different, they all have adaptions and the tassel at the bottom is a large double looped bow with a puffy goldtoned heart hanging from it..... the hanger at the top is made of satin ribbon.  Each one has their own initials embroidered onto them and done in colours I hope they will treasure.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memory hangings for Christmas

Since my last post I have decided to downsize from the larger block to smaller ones that are turning out adorable.  I am impressed with how well the images have turned out and taken on a life of their own.  I did finish them all yesterday and here is a sample that was on my camera of one that I first started with until I misplaced my camera.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Motivation is starting.

     I took yesterday to piece a large fourteen inch square block with tone on tone in shades of beige to soft pastel browns.  I actually got to start some stitching on it as well and will take a picture and share before I work any further on the block today.  I needed an inspiration and chose to jump from making journal covers as gifts to large pictures and now pillows.  All  in one afternoon.

    As this blog is so full of bits of everything I am debating creating another one to share my ways of making items from start to finish, in particular pieced, embroidered , beaded, brazilian , and silk ribbon embroidery, along with my own ' prayer pouches ' , that I design and share.