Monday, April 19, 2010

Kimono Wall Quilt - Ribbonsmyth original design

I have once again started to finish the series of six blocks that will turn this into a kimono wall quilt. I feel good when I am working on this one as it challenges me to think " outside the kimono ", and I know one on line friend Thelma has her finished and it is drop dead gorgeous.

Time to take more time for myself

Prayer Shawl

The above is a picture of a prayer shawl that I finished and have since gifted to a local chaplin at a nursing home. She has been of great help to us as well as fighting a battle with her own health medically and I felt she needed to be snuggled.

DIY Faces Block Challenge

The following are six, six inch blocks in tones of gold that I have designed for the design your own block challenge on cq international. I also included the six faces that will go on the blocks that I made when I first started working with fimo.

I am looking forward to a challenge and can hardly wait to get these in the mail.