Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Mini wall block.

This one has some tatting and speciality stitches as well as the initial.

This one has butterflies in organza, different stitches and all have the cherubs

This one has a new technique for initials as well as for working the butterflies in flight.

This shows the actual size of around eight inches and how puffy they truly are.

This is a little prayer pouch that I have made and set aside for now.  It was actually created some time ago, and just found it for the camera.

This is a second prayer pouch and it shows both the front and the back and the individualism of each one, no two are the same.

This is an 8 x about 14 inch block that I have finished stitching and want to get a frill added to and a pillow and back done before Christmas.  I am trying to work in tone on tone with a touch of pink.  I did not want to add any crazy quilting stitches at this time.  Love the antiqued lace, rusched ribbons and the double satin bows.

Sharing Time

This is a simple memory wall hanger that I have made for each of my sister's for Christmas.  The lovely lady in the picture is our ' mom '.  She was a beautiful lady and so missed.  The girls have complimented me on my framed memory piece on my wall so I thought I would surprise them with one of their own this year.

They all use the same roses and leaves, but all others techniques are different, they all have adaptions and the tassel at the bottom is a large double looped bow with a puffy goldtoned heart hanging from it..... the hanger at the top is made of satin ribbon.  Each one has their own initials embroidered onto them and done in colours I hope they will treasure.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memory hangings for Christmas

Since my last post I have decided to downsize from the larger block to smaller ones that are turning out adorable.  I am impressed with how well the images have turned out and taken on a life of their own.  I did finish them all yesterday and here is a sample that was on my camera of one that I first started with until I misplaced my camera.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Motivation is starting.

     I took yesterday to piece a large fourteen inch square block with tone on tone in shades of beige to soft pastel browns.  I actually got to start some stitching on it as well and will take a picture and share before I work any further on the block today.  I needed an inspiration and chose to jump from making journal covers as gifts to large pictures and now pillows.  All  in one afternoon.

    As this blog is so full of bits of everything I am debating creating another one to share my ways of making items from start to finish, in particular pieced, embroidered , beaded, brazilian , and silk ribbon embroidery, along with my own ' prayer pouches ' , that I design and share.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Motivating myself with a personal challenge.

     I sat down with some silk fabrics and a large square and challenged myself to at least piece the block, as I have not been stitching as much as I would like to lately.  I wanted to start some early special surprise presents for family and friends and could not seem to stop from being overwhelmed, by my sewing room.

     I must admit there is a lot going on in there.  Between sane quilts, sane projects, silkribbon work and beadwork, not to mention embroidery in different stages it was time to take the plunge.  I lost and the room won. 

     I hope to not admit to defeat and will take the time to straighten out the room so that I can stitch in comfort in the fresh breezes of day.  Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memory picture for a friend - original

Over the years my friend has sent me beautiful pieces of fabric, treasures of lace and beads and also shared her love of life and travel.  I have combined this in an anniversary picture and sent to her as a gift from my heart to remember those good times with.  It was a very rewarding project to work on.

Summer has arrived.

Summer has arrived and along with it comes some finished projects, which I have marked as ' done ' on my blog.

I must admit that I took a long break from writing and have done some serious cleaning out and up of projects that were started and never finished.

I am proud to say my angel bluework wall quilt is hanigng proudly on my wall and will share pics of this later on in the week.

I also have almost finished one more thread crocheted long christening gown, and it will be added to my page shortly., and , of course, have two more in the works.  I love to crochet and have done some small roses etc. for my quilting both sane and crazy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter scenescape again.

     With another winter weekend coming up and the snowing falling it will give me time to finish some other items that are on my to finish in January list.  I have done some adult Inn from the cold crochet caps, as well as preemie caps, finished the two quilts, and done a blanket.  I have also almost finished a cuddle sack for a baby with a hood, and did finally finish a baby set, but it left the house before it could be photographed, as dd needed a shower gift.

     This seems like one of those weekends where I just want to curl up and read and put the rest of the world away, but won't do that.  I have to make room to set up my knitting frame and take some sweaters off to be ribbed and finished for next Christmas, and in this way solve two problems at the same time,tooooo much yarn in one weight, and presents ahead.

     I promise to share pics of the quilts and baby items soon, they are silent quilts so will wait until they are received.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kick Butt List

     On encouragement from a group of on-line friends I have started to participate in a Kick Butt list that almost forces you to find the pleasure you once did on a project and get it finished.

     The last few days I have spent time on a cross stitched sampler I had set aside as not interesting enough, but it was at the time and is now.

     I have put a rug I started about ten years ago at least back into the beautiful adjustable hoop stand that I received as a gift and spent the afternoon in front of the living room window watching the birds and nature on our country lane.

     I have spent the last few nights finishing one prayer quilt that I had to make a decision on, it was not overdue, just needing a decision and I made it.  I am so pleased with how it went together and I chose to use a small batt and bead each bordered block into place by hand.  A lot of beading and  I hope to finish the beadwork this evening and then pick up a fabric for the backing.  Then I move onto prayer quilt number two and will make two missing blocks and finish this one in a similar manner.  The beads on black are amazingly beautiful and make each block a little masterpiece.  I will share some pics when they are finished.

     I have to look at my list on my blog and pick a couple of fast finishes in order to add something new to my list.  Hope this inspires others to move forward on projects they have set aside.  My philosophy is either finish it or give it to someone who will.