Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter scenescape again.

     With another winter weekend coming up and the snowing falling it will give me time to finish some other items that are on my to finish in January list.  I have done some adult Inn from the cold crochet caps, as well as preemie caps, finished the two quilts, and done a blanket.  I have also almost finished a cuddle sack for a baby with a hood, and did finally finish a baby set, but it left the house before it could be photographed, as dd needed a shower gift.

     This seems like one of those weekends where I just want to curl up and read and put the rest of the world away, but won't do that.  I have to make room to set up my knitting frame and take some sweaters off to be ribbed and finished for next Christmas, and in this way solve two problems at the same time,tooooo much yarn in one weight, and presents ahead.

     I promise to share pics of the quilts and baby items soon, they are silent quilts so will wait until they are received.

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