Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kick Butt List

     On encouragement from a group of on-line friends I have started to participate in a Kick Butt list that almost forces you to find the pleasure you once did on a project and get it finished.

     The last few days I have spent time on a cross stitched sampler I had set aside as not interesting enough, but it was at the time and is now.

     I have put a rug I started about ten years ago at least back into the beautiful adjustable hoop stand that I received as a gift and spent the afternoon in front of the living room window watching the birds and nature on our country lane.

     I have spent the last few nights finishing one prayer quilt that I had to make a decision on, it was not overdue, just needing a decision and I made it.  I am so pleased with how it went together and I chose to use a small batt and bead each bordered block into place by hand.  A lot of beading and  I hope to finish the beadwork this evening and then pick up a fabric for the backing.  Then I move onto prayer quilt number two and will make two missing blocks and finish this one in a similar manner.  The beads on black are amazingly beautiful and make each block a little masterpiece.  I will share some pics when they are finished.

     I have to look at my list on my blog and pick a couple of fast finishes in order to add something new to my list.  Hope this inspires others to move forward on projects they have set aside.  My philosophy is either finish it or give it to someone who will.

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