Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today I am sharing a hearts as I just loved working on these and they exemplify my love of needlework. One is done in cross stitch and beading from a kit from Shepherd's Bush (c) and the other one is an original stitching jar pattern that I created. I take the lid from a jelly jar, trace around it, fill in the centre portion, pad and insert into the cap. I like using the fancy little jars and put in my needle necessities so that I know where my thimble, threader, thread heaven, needles, and laying tools plus it holds a great little pair of scissors. You can do this with larger jars as well. I received one as a gift years ago. It was a mason jug with a handle and the lid had a cross stitched " loon " on it and I have used it for years in my sane quilting.

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