Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunday was a productive day, but also one more of organizing, seems like this is a trend with me. I cannot work in clutter.

I took my first fimo face and painted it with highlights and turned it into my first beaded cab for my art bra quilt. It reminds me of the beauty that surrounds that face and not the hair, as in chemo this is one of the first great losses to our ego.

I also found one wing which is irridescent and may be adding that to the block as well attached with a gossamer pink pearlized flower. It reminds me that my mom left me one of her wings so that I need never be " flying on my own ".

I also added a handmade ribbon pansy in purple with a red tipped velvet leaf. It reminds me of how many times I think of her and the beauty that surrounded her short life.

I found a small fish as well, it was silver and it looks out of place until it accidently fell into the flower sprigs as mom was a christian. She believed in God and in the hereafter and a fish would be appropriate for her christian symbol.

A little girl holding a flower was given to me by a very dear friend and I am chosing to share this as it reminds me of the flowers that I used to bring mom as she love the beauty of them.

My heart is filling with love and overflowing with flowers, so now it is time to add the beads that will draw more attention to the detail. I chose to work the heart in a metallic dark and bright stem stitch and only embellish the left half and allow a butterfly, the symbol of " freedom in flight " to land on the side of the heart.

I will be finishing the heart today along with my TAST and will be sharing photos later.

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