Monday, January 01, 2007

First and foremost Happy New Year to all and the best in 2007.

Attached is a photo of a block I am working on for a donation quilt. I love working in purples so this was not a hard block for me to piece.

The theme is being kept in hearts and this is also a favourite of mine. One of my best finds this past month was a set of scrapbook templates for under two dollars that had oddles of shapes in them from the size heart on this block to one that would fit on a ring as well as every shape imaginable. I use these like I do the templates from " Carole Samples ".

I started piecing this block last night by hand and I am pleased with the fan and corner setting.

I then drew on the heart after using the templates to find out what size I wanted to use and then stitched a white running stitch around. I have since started to infill with specialty threads such as " YLI - Midnight , Needle Necessities , my own hand dyed pinks, and a gorgeous green/autumn to vintage ribbon my friend " Carolyn " gave to me on a recent visit to my home.

I will share my steps on my blog as I go along and hope you will make a block to make someone else happy this year. I will probably make more than one and select then I plan on starting to do a project a week that I have created on my own and sharing on my blog.

I love needlework and also love to share.

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