Friday, January 12, 2007

First beaded cab that stands alone. I made the face from fimo, painted it with copper metallic tole paint, and then beaded two rows of peyote stitch around the base using large beads, then added three rounds of peyote stitch to reduce to the face size. I then wanted to add some gold larger beads to reflect the sun and happiness and this is a RAOK that will be sent out soon. I truly enjoyed playing with this one and will work another one real soon.
My first one was worked directly onto the block that was featured a while back and is now finished.
I am also working on two ufo's at the same time in the evenings and at lunch time. I am working a large crewel picture of roses and daisies and I am finishing knitting a mitred square floor mat for the tv room. Hope to have both done real soon as they are in need of being " done ".

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