Thursday, January 04, 2007

UFO Challenge - Aside from doing normal shortening of dd's jeans and putting tops on curtains I pulled out a couple of angels that were nearing completion prior to Christmas. I also designed a little ring ' bear ' for dd to take back with her for a neighbour getting married. I made a little New Brunswick tartan bow tie, added some large feathered wings, and a collage of metallic and silver ribbons to his paw pad. It was a purchased bear and I hope to take pics of it before they leave and share on the site. This is for the child of the couple getting married who is under six months old to carry in his arms at his parent's wedding. I took the hint of the finished bear from Victoria Adams Brown using a finished tasselled cushion for a ring bear pillow, so I asked dd to purchase a white medium sized bear. It is adorable. Normally I would have made a bear, but the little one would not have been able to cuddle it after as it would have been covered with sre and beads.

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kerrykatiecakes said...

Hi Linda - I enjoyed reading your blog. Felt like we might be sitting in your kitchen having coffee while you showed me what you have been up to! I can't wait to see this bear - he sounds adorable!