Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oranize or agonize. What one finds when they decide to clean out the drawers in the bins on wheels. I remember when I was notorious for knowing where everything was all of the time, that was before I entered the world of crazy quilting. Last night after putting some more stitches on my art bra block I decided it was time to clean out at least one bin and the trinkets and laces, beads, etc, including silkies sent to me by friends were so worth the time. I am not doing stash reduction as I have plans for what items I have, but I am taking the bins that I have and using them properly. I will also share my organizational ideas with you. I want to stitch in my favourite room and be able to have sunshine all year round. I have a lovely stitching centre in the living room for embroidery and needlework, but one does not attempt to move crazy quilting and art into the main part of the house, or do they? I am also going to share some pictures of my new venture into " Heirloom Treasures " before I open the new blog and estey shop. This has been a dream for a long long time. Attached is my work on my denim purse that is in a round robin at the present. I love workign freestyle.

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Stephanie Tarver said...

This is so pretty.