Friday, January 19, 2007

Whitework is a form of embroidery I have never tried but today I took the plunge and I think I am glad that I did. I used a good cotton, " Kona ", and some perle thread along with some metallics, but I think I will remove the metallics. I am hoping to develop this one into a pillow and place a monogram in the centre for the bedroom. I also want to make matching monogramed sheets. Sounds ambitious now doesn't it.

I have also been making some beaded cabs and still working on the one and only paisley that I will ever make for a swap.

About a weeks work left on the pineapple christening gown, and still working away on the log cabin quilt by hand.

Well off to watch the freezing rain hit the windows.


Melissa said...

Beautiful! I'm about to do some Whitework myself!

Bunnies & Lace said...

Melissa I am so inspired by your blog, please keep me posted. I have taken a pattern and adapted it to a quilt. I have a friend who is doing hers in silkribbon and is doing a wonderful work of art with it. I am still planning on doing whitework with metallic highlights and beads. Thank-you for your kind words.

Vivian said...

Your white work is lovely and delicate.