Thursday, December 10, 2009

Angel of Christmas

Add lace collage of flowers over shoulder and down front of dress. I also added small beads using tacky glue to the neckline along with one single rose. I allowed a half metre section of ribbon to fall down the front of the dress. I have yet to find my wedding doves, and when I do there will be one placed in her hand.
Back of angel showing wings added with stitches and tacky glue as well as one single flower to the centre of the wings.

Angel is now complete and ready to take her place of honour on the top of your tree, or Christmas display.
Pattern is a gift, and a gift is a present that you give someone to make them happy and is not to be sold as a pattern.
(c) Linda Boudreau - Bunnies & Lace 2009

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Cora said...

She is just gorgeous!