Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heirloom Christmas Angel Directions

Materials as pictured above.

Medium sized porcelain head and arms.
Chenille stem
Angel wings
12 x 32 inch piece of white cotton for slip
12 x 32 inch piece of white velvet for skirt.
12 x description on how to make the angel and attached you will find photos as well as brief32 inch piece of wide lace for bottom of skirt ( three inches wide )
24 x 4 inch piece of scalloped lace for sleeves.
Ribbon for wrists and front of dress. approximately one metre.
Purchased wedding collages of flowers ( if desired ) in white ( your choice ) for draping the dress.
Thick tacky glue of choice. I do not use a glue gun.
Cone or plastic cut to cone shape.
Heavy duty sewing thread for gathering.
Tiny beads and a bow for embellishment.

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