Sunday, September 03, 2006

In posting the next block to the web I note that the monitor does not show any difference in colour at all. A good lesson to be learned in searching for colours on line for silkribbon, is not all that appears to be the same is the same in colours.

I chose a heart shape and started to introduce some metallic threads into the blocks especially in the heart one. I did a few yellow fantasy flowers to place between the leaves and wanted them to stand out more. I also went back and added some to the weeping roses branch and will add more to the other blocks as they progress.

I also want to add beads in different colours in small clusters to each block and will do that at the end after handquilting the wall quilt.


shortoldlady said...

I so enjoy checking in to see what's new! Make sure to post a "completed" picture. The middle of the heart where it goes down is really pretty. Nice job!

seoulsisterstevens said...

These are delightful! I have to ask how large they are and how large the blocks will be.


DenimGoose said...

Lillian these are cut at 6 inches and done at 4 inches.

I plan on designing a Baltimore Albumn full size using miniature blocks in the New Year and please feel free to keep in touch. Thank-you. I want to use more colour than just the reds and greens. I want to use my own hand dyes.