Thursday, May 31, 2007

Challenge in Beadwork

Nearing completion for the beaded part of the challenge I have decided that I like to work in three dimension, but that if I plan on doing something major with this and incorporating beads into all of my works I will have to work smaller.

I have taken some photos of the initial set up and design and will share when I get the camera out again. I must admit that this has been so much fun, and a challenge in itself. Now, if I can just go beyond the borders and do some creative work with colours and sizes of beads.

Perhaps this time I will use a large face cab and work that into this piece. I will try and scan and share the finished model tomorrow, until then happy beading. Now off to sketch a design for a hooked mat that dh says caught his eye on televison the other night. The blessings of being able to create. God is good.

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