Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

God bless the mom's of the world. May they have the courage to go on and the strength to raise their families in a world so different from most of their pasts.

I view being a mom as the most beautiful experience in my life. A child created out of love, nutured and cared for and raised with both parents having the ability to surround her with love.

My darling Sheralee, if you are reading mom's blog today, know how very proud I am to be your mom and to know that you have such a kind and caring heart. You have grown into a mature young lady of whom mom and dad are so very proud.

I am also proud to call our son-in-law Ken " our son ". He has given us a reason to not worry about your fears even though as parents we do. He has also given us the emotions to want to put the same circle of love around him as we have you.

Know how proud dad and I are of both of you and the greatest blessing that I have on this day is being a mom to you and Ken.

Travel safely, have fun and hopefully we will see you both soon.

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