Friday, May 25, 2007


I have decided to try the challenge of doing a journal page a month and seeing what I can come up with in beadwork that is original and realistic and useable for me. I am so conformed to basic shapes and art to wear that I have to try and break loose in order to justify beaded art.

I thought long and hard before signing up as this is a venture for a year and while I procrastinated in my mind my heart was saying you can do it. Everything in life does not have to be wearable or functioning in order to serve a purpose, and who said a journal had to open in one unit.

I will share my journey with you as I go along and share some pictures as well. I have decided to call this one " round to it ". I have so many designs and ideas floating in my head and so many little things that I have wanted to try and now I am allowing myself to break loose and take the plung and get " around to it ".

My first piece is " Tiger Lily ". I have used the cd shape as a disk for working on and I have sketched a tiger lily onto the disk in free flowing petals. I wanted to use some dimension so I plan on doing them three dimensional, thus the choice of background overdyed silk. I also want to wind leaves and ribbons in as well as other roundelles etc.

I gave this a good trial run on stiff stuff and was not pleased at how it would not be able to actually wrap around a cd when finished so removed the beads and the pattern and have started at square One again.

Materials for my first one include a layer of good muslin, a layer of stiff stuff with the pattern drawn clearly onto this, and a piece of overdyed silk placed on top of this. I then lightly traced through in case I change my mind while stitching.

I picked up my coloured pencils and shaded in the colours that I liked and now know which direction to take the colour in. A gorgeous little face given to me by a special friend " Leslie Urhlich of PinyonCreek fame is the focal point of this piece. I hope to work with assorted sizes of beads and shapes and keep all twelve pieces when done in journal form in a flat layout. I will also design a cover front and back. I know if I write this in here I have to make sure that it gets done and this also allows me to use more than one technique and grow in my beadwork, which is fast becoming my first love right in line with silkribbon work.

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