Thursday, April 26, 2007

If knitting on four needles the pattern is as follows:-

Cast on 24 stitches.Divide and put 8 stitches on three needles.Work 6 rows in twisted rib as follows: Row 1: K1, P1Row 2: K1 into back, P1 repeat Row 2 four times
Eyelet Row: Next row, yarn forward knit two together around - these are the eyelet's.
Knit even in stockinette stitch for 20 rows.
Toes:K2tog on all needles (12 stitches)knit one round even.K2tog on all needles (6 stitches)Knit one round even, thread needle through and gather toe stitches, this gives more shaping.
I then crocheted a chain, an "I' cord could be used instead and or ribbon, but knowing that they may need to be tightened and they can then wear them as they start to grow.

Two needle method.Cast on 24 stitches,Rib as above for 6 rows.Eyelet Row: K1, yarn forward knit two together across the needle,Purl back.Work even in stockinette stitch for 20 rows.Toe:K2tog across row. (12 stitches)Purl one row.K2tog across row. (6 stitches)Purl one row.Remove from needles and draw closed.Catching each knot on the side do an invisible seam.
Make cord as above insert and enjoy.

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