Thursday, July 05, 2007

Projects that Lin

Every now and then we take a look around at where we are as well as what stage we are in with our lives, families, responsibilities and desires. Normally this takes place during a traumatic or overwhelmed time in our lives and we realize that there are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month, etc. to accomplish all that we have set out to do in our personal and creative lives.

Looking at the abundance of ufinished objects in both my personal and creative life I have decided to journal where I am and where I would like to be within the next few years. Scholars and the likes have always stressed a five year plan and most of us go through life winging it.

After watching a very impressionable movie last night "World Trade Centre "; I could not help but be overwhelmed by the love that was shared in the last part of the movie. I cannot speak for the first three quarters as I have not had the pleasure of watching it through as yet, but you can rest assured I will. If this movie does not make us stop and think about life and what it has to offer as well as what we have offered it, then we have all missed the boat and all of the people who lost their lives needlessly in the event as well as around the world in both our country and other countries will have been in vain.

In our home, it is a personal decision and always has been to have an open door policy. Never close a door that you cannot open. Our door swings both ways, good news and bad news, we are here. It has worked well for us for over 37 years and will continue to be a major part of our own personal lives.

Having said that and now wanting to get to the crust of where I am headed I have always wanted to have a few attainable but on the back burner projects done and I am going to start a few of them right away. I am making a plan to do these in project form and in rotation so that one does not get bored with them all at once, and I am journalling my voyage to document my life in stitches.

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