Monday, July 30, 2007

Attached is a finished prayer quilt that was completed for a cyber sister. These prayer quilts are a pleasure to make as you think of the person the whole time you are doing a block. I had the pleasure of putting more than one of these together and will start and share some so that perhaps it might encourage you to do one of your own or to just do a small quilt.

This is the prayer pocket on the back of the quilt. It is a spare block that I made and attached with some fancy ribbons and it is open at the top. It is bound by the same fabrics that were used in the original quilt sashing and lined with peach/pink linen.


pam said...

Just had the pleasure to view your blogg.
This prayer quilt is true beauty....just to look at it makes one feel soothed and cherished.
Lovely work.

pam said...

This finished Linen purse is such wonderful thing, the work is top class. The colours are so soft and feminine
This is one very lucky woman!!!!!!!!