Thursday, July 05, 2007

Linda takes the time to full fill her emrboidery dreams

Knowing that unless I blog each step of the way that the projects that are in my mind will never make it to paper. Some will be left in draft form, others will be shared on line and I invite you to join me in my venture to do the following. It is time to start some stitching.


Box (1) - This can be a simple bankers storage box as it allows everything to be placed in order and left there as well as notes diagrams etc.

File Folders - Several - These will be used to keep notes, pictures, ideas, themes etc. of the project as I work along.

Baggies - Large to Small - I want 12 of each. All blocks will have a touch of something from each other block in this as well.

Threads:- These will be wound off onto wood spools so that they do not get creases in them from being around thread winders.

Ribbons :- Assorted from silks, satins, specialty and velvets.- These will be wound around the core from a tin foil or waxed paper tube. Before I will cover with acid free tissues.

Laces:- Both plain and fancy

Silk prints - Be they personal of ones that are copyright free or purchased.

Needlebook for each box. Can be as simple as a pot holder with pins ready to stitch.

Large baggie with one block in it ready to stitch and run for those last minute stitching times.

I will start my first box today and share what goes into this box by the first of the week. I have not decided which of my many projects I will start first, but silkribbon is coming to mind again and I have always wanted a Baltimore Albumn Quilt to hang on my living room wall.

Let me think red, green, yellow, blues, etc..........encased in vintage style frames or left plain. Plain or moire, silk dupioni or satin, whole quilt or pieced...........Designs to be started and fabrics set aside.

My goal this week is to set up the box with

Picture of what I think the quilt will look like.

Folders, baggies etc...........these will not be full.

Ribbons and ideas.

Quilting design for borders and around blocks will justify what patterns will be used.

Miniature quilts do not have to be real small, they can be of a size large enough to work on and hang on a nice quilt rack and have a lot of meaning. They will be admire for years to come.

I will share some of my reference books as I go along and my own personal finished blocks in small detail.

Have a creative day. I plan to.

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