Monday, July 30, 2007

This is a section between blocks where a rosette and pearl cluster were added to seperate theblocks.

This is another corner that is following the above design and falling gently into the sashing.

The rich colours in the sre on the block to the right is a pillow gone bad, proving it does pay to save all remants and scraps as they can working into anothe project very easily., not wasting precious silkribbon.

This is simple embellishment on one other of the blocks. I knew my friend was very religious and she had just finished a tea cozy so therefore parted with the precious tea pot in this block. Always there will be an angel hidden somewhere in the block.

Another vision of the blocks being seperated by antique looking roses with rose leaves all done in antique white satin and edged with beads and pearls.

This is the top left hand side of the quilt with some fancy ribbon rusching and pearl work. I also created the first block. The beautiful rusched fan in the block was a piece of rusched fabric sent by a friend ( Barbee ) to be used with a block and now I would love to use this type of rusching to add dimension at any time. I the key with the symbols above symbolize key to our heart and love.

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